Temperature of Love is truly after our romantic hearts. The heart-fluttering drama, starring Yang Se Jong and Seo Hyun Jin, is only halfway into the many-layered love story, and it has already given us five unexpected confessions. Which one is your favorite? 

<Spoiler Alert> I have watched 22 episodes of the 40 total.

The beguiling romance is focused around the leading couple, chef Jung Seon and writer Hyun Soo. There are also interesting side-romance characters among their friends and acquaintances.

1. The first confession will always remain the most charming for being the first!

Jung Seon (Yang Se Jong) was mesmerized by Hyun Soo (Seo Hyun Jin) and proposed to date her just hours after they met through a running club. 

2. A two-fold confession came like a strike to the heart!

Although the couple was strongly attracted to each other, they were separated when Jung Seon left for France with his mother. Hyun Soo's new boss, Jung Woo (Kim Jae Wook with his beautiful cheeks), fell for her unique personality and talents and proposed to marry her. Surprising the self-assured CEO (and the viewers), Hyun Soo tearfully talked about the man she loved but didn't get to admit her true feelings to. 

This confession was a really special moment because it was a two-fold surprise: Jung Woo to Hyun Soo, and Hyun Soo to Jung Woo about another man.  

3. A most romantic confession came with tears!

When Jung Seon returned from France and finally met with Hyun Soo again, they started to rekindle their romance. However, Jung Seon was more cautious this time and waited for Hyun Soo to confess her true feelings. The wait was worth the time because when it did, it came like a love rain that poured just at the right moment.

4. Raise your hand if you wanted to hide from this confession of anger!

Jung Woo told Jung Seon he was planning to propose, and Jung Seon set up a most romantic dinner. Jung Woo then brought the unsuspecting Hyun Soo to the restaurant. A moment of truth was revealed when Jung Seon personally brought the beautiful cake he had designed for the special night.

A lovers' triangle had formed without the players' full knowledge: Hyun Soo did not know that her boss was also Jung Seon's restaurant partner; Jung Seon did not know that his girlfriend was the woman that Jung Woo wanted to marry; and Jung Woo only recently found out that Jung Seon was the lover that Hyun Soo missed for 5 years.

Jung Woo's surprise proposal was born out of his despondent anger and carefully designed to shock Hyun Soo and Jung Seon. The handsome CEO who thought he would eventually win Hyun Soo's heart apparently set up a duel to challenge the younger man. Who will win? How do you define what winning is?

If you were scared by Jung Woo's shocking confession, here's an entirely different confession that will help you laugh out loud.

5. An audacious declaration!

When Hong Ah (Jo Bo AH) treated the caring Won Joon (Shim Hee Seob), who had been waiting for her to return his love for 8 years, with her typically dismissive manner, Soo Jung (Chae So Young) couldn't take it anymore. Soo Jung told Hong Ah to "give this man to me." Her bold demand surprised both Won Joon and Hong Ah. She later told Won Joon that she wasn't just trying to help him out of an awkward situation; she really meant what she said.

Will Won Joon finally realize there are plenty of nice women for him? Soo Jung would be perfect for him! 

Whenever you want a cheer-up moment, just go to the beginning of episode 22 for that sparkling encounter when the self-centered Hong Ah finally got a smackdown.

We are only mid-way through this fascinating romantic drama. Expect more surprises to come!


Temperature of Love

Starring Seo Hyun Jin and Yang Se Jong

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Which confession moment is your favorite? 

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