Flashbacks, clues to what is coming and how some relationships will be affected, and a scene in a cooler that's anything but cool. WOW! Join Wendilynn, Cici, and me, Janet, while we discuss the best and worst of this week's episodes.


Temperature of Love

Starring Seo Hyun Jin and Yang Se Jong

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Cici: That cooler scene--talk about heat! They don’t even touch each other, and I’m expecting the vegetables to wilt. The chemistry between these two is amazing. There is something exceptionally sexy about a man who really wants a woman, but is forcing himself to hold back until she gives him the green light.

Wendilynn: That cooler scene was hot. I was actually sort of glad that they didn’t kiss though. It was a little too reminiscent of her kiss scene in Doctor Romantic and given that both of them were in that one too, I didn’t want comparisons. I’ve discovered that as much as I loved that OTP, I’m very jealous for this OTP to have its own heat with no contamination from their previous characters. So, I was glad they upped the heat and then killed it with his refusal on the rooftop to just fall into her arms. Lol

Janet: And, as they say, anticipation . . . I have a feeling that once we finally get that long awaited kiss, it is going to be so worth it!

Cici: I am loving the bromance that is going on between Jung Woo and Jung Seon as well. Unfortunately, at the end of yet another great scene, there’s the foreshadowing that things will not always be so positive. That Jung Woo is one smooth character, but he’s always got that dangerous undercurrent going on. When he finds out that he and Jung Seon are both in love with the same woman, it’s not going to be pretty.


Wendilynn: Well, they foreshadow that he gets really angry about the whole thing and that breaks my heart. I love their friendship. I love the three of them being friends. But I think Hong Ah is going to be the worst first. I really have to wonder how she justifies in her own head being awful to Hyun Soo. Mind you, Hyun Soo would be the first to cheer her on. But I get the feeling that Hong Ah actually thought she was the superior person and kept Hong Ah around to feel better than. So she has no problem throwing her under the bus when she isn’t getting her way. And the way she feels she owns Jung Seon when he has NEVER….. in what is it now, five years?.... how he has never given her hope is just too unbelievable. 

Janet: Unfortunately, there are too many people in the world who feel entitled - they want something, so any means necessary to attain it are justified. Obviously, she still has some conscious, in that she buys gifts for Hyun Soo before stabbing her in the back, but she is still totally unlikable!

Cici: Well, we called it. She is the one we love to hate. She can’t even give Hyun Soo a gift without turning it into a veiled insult. “Here, have this moisturizer, you’ve been looking terrible lately.” I think I might have slapped her. But Hyun Soo still considers her a friend. Argh. I can’t wait to see how Jung Woo deals with her. Please don’t disappoint me, Jung Woo! And could you please do something to get rid of Jung Seon’s despicable mother and her conceited “artistic” boyfriend?

Wendilynn: Oh my gosh, the mother and her boytoy. Talk about affectations of class without, you know, the class. That she actually went to Jung Woo and begged for money and tried to come across as if she was conferring a favor by demanding she go in without making an appt. Oh man. She’s a piece of work. I also want to mention Writer Park who was trying to steal Hyun Soo’s show. I loved when Hyun Soo told her that she would be a rude b*tch and bad mouth her to everyone. I laughed so much.


Janet: Amen. The look on Writer Park’s face when Hyun Soo walked out was priceless! But to get back to Jung Seong’s mother for a second, she has to have a pair, because her ”Professor” sure doesn’t have any. And if he dumps her, then she moves back in with Jung Seon until she can find her next romantic attachment. And no one wants that to happen!

Cici: So here’s my problem. I find myself resenting every moment of screen time that evil mom or evil friend or evil writer or evil director steal from Hyun Soo and Jung Seon. Or Jung Woo and Jung Seon. I want them all to go away. I don’t care where or how, just go away. I know, every drama has to have conflict. I can accept that. But what I really need is a clear reason why Jung Seon and Hyun Soo aren’t back together yet, not more ridiculous diversions.

Wendilynn: I get why Jung Seon is being cautious, she turned him down for ambition. It's hard to want to jump into that dynamic where you could be ditched again if something better came along. Especially when you thought she might be married again already. But, if we’re done talking about the annoying characters, can we talk the cute ones? The cooks in Jung Seon’s kitchen are freaking adorable. I knew P.O. from Block B was in this, but I had forgotten. So when he popped up on my screen I admit, I squealed. And then they keep teasing him about how cute he is. Oh my gosh, I loved it. Lol


Cici: The other consistently adorable characters have been Hyun Soo’s parents. They are some of the best parents I’ve ever seen in Dramaland. The way they support her, and know just when to stay by her side regardless of what she says, is truly heartwarming.


Janet: Add to that, we haven’t had to deal with the other person we love to hate: Evil Sister! Thank goodness someone had the good sense to move her out! Still can't believe they came from the same parents!

Wendilynn: Her parents are simply adorable. I love when they show up. She really can’t ask for better parents. She’s living on her own, so no reason for sister to show up needlessly when she’s fighting with the director. I cannot believe he wouldn’t compromise by just talking to her about changes. That’s all she wanted. And he wouldn’t discuss anything with her.

Cici: The only other character I really care about is Jung Woo. I admit, I’ve loved Kim Jae Wook since Coffee Prince, and I love him still. And when the writer threw in that sly “prince” reference? I laughed out loud.


Anyway, he has been the perfect gentleman and boss. He’s been understanding, patient, and romantic without becoming a doormat. And sexy. Did I mention sexy? I rarely get Second Lead Syndrome anymore, but I can see myself falling further down that rabbit hole with every episode.


Janet: I have a feeling that Hong Ah is going to push him too far in the near future and when he finally rejects her, she will have her epiphany and maybe grow up and become a better person, in true k-drama fashion.

Wendilynn: We can hope, but as we know, it has to get ugly first. I just don’t like the foreshadowing about making Jung Woo angry. It made it sound like what breaks can’t be fixed. And I don’t want to see that.

Cici: Happily ever after for all the good guys--isn’t that what we always want? 

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