Friendship is on the rocks as Jung Woo starts to put all the pieces together of the last five years. Just as Jung Seon and Hyun Soo find the bravery to finally love each other, will they lose a dear friend who has been central to their lives? Join Cici, Janet and me, Wendilynn as we hold our collective breath as a pending disaster waits to unfold in Temperature of Love.


Temperature of Love

Starring Seo Hyun Jin and Yang Se Jong

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Cici: Impending disaster, yes, but before that, so much adorable cuteness! I giggled like a schoolgirl when I finally saw what Jung Seon meant when he asked Hyun Soo if she wanted to sleep together. Now that was a creative take on the familiar phrase. And Hyun Soo was so cute about it!

Janet: I was just aghast when he ‘“popped” the question! Even to my newbie ears, I knew I couldn’t be hearing what I was hearing! No way, this is a K-drama! And her nonchalant response really shook me up!! And we cut to the split screen. Like Cici, I was laughing out loud!


Wendilynn: I guess I’m the naughty one. While I was tickled by the way they slept together, because she did have her friend along for the trip, they are adults. He’s what….28? And she’s six years older? They’ve been in love with each other all this time? I was expecting more… and I will have to say that when we FINALLY got our kiss… hot damn!

Cici: Ah, that kiss scene. What a way to end episode 18! Over three minutes, from rooftop to kitchen, and on into the refrigerator. It may have broken a few records in Kdramaland, lol. Now that was worth waiting for.

Janet: Absolutely! And I loved how Hyun Soo demanded (and received) the kiss in the cooler. She looked so happy all snuggled in with the veggies!

Wendilynn: Well, we did get jipped on the refrigerator kiss earlier, so I liked that they gave us a snuggle scene to make up for it. These two are so adorable together. It makes what is happening with Jung Woo all that more heartbreaking. I like them so much but as he puts all the strange comments over the years together he is insisting on this terrible action that will destroy us all next week.

Cici: Once he figured everything out, Jung Woo took great pains to find out what Jung Seon’s reaction would be if he were the one to try to steal away his girlfriend. It was a little disturbing to see that they both felt the same way, that their girlfriend would be worth sacrificing their friendship, when Jung Woo had the advantage of knowing ahead of time that they were both in love with the same woman. Poor Jung Seon still doesn’t have a clue. I wonder if his response would have been any differenthad he known.


Janet: Probably, because he is just that kind of a guy. But I’m losing a little respect for Jung Woo - he is orchestrating the scenario that he feels will give him the advantage. Hyun Soo tried to tell him about the change in her status, and he wouldn’t let her. So I’m thinking that the anger that could have been “defused”, is only fueled my his own lack of judgment.

Wendilynn: I can understand him being angry. This is a five year odyssey for them all. And if at any time any of them had actually asked for a name, they’d have found out years ago. Nobody is at fault here. But Jung Woo is setting up this really bad situation for himself and I think he knows it. As he got Jung Seon to offer to make food for this upcoming proposal, all I could do was yell at my tv… “NOOOOOO OPPA, NOOOOOOO!!”

Cici: The universal cry of despair! I’m with you, Janet, for the first time I find myself losing respect for Jung Woo. He has always figured out how to get what he wants, if not the first time, then by changing his offer and asking again. I’m pretty sure he has no idea what to do when his tried-and-true methods fail him. Yet despite his arrogance and conniving ways, I still want good things for him. I’m almost afraid to see how the writers deal with this. And the fact that we only get two short episodes this week makes the wait all the more agonizing.

Janet: I do agree with you about wanting good things for Jung Woo, but I think he has to earn them all over again. We all seem to think that a major fiasco is about to explode upon us, but maybe he is trying to make them both understand the importance of their love and force them to shout it to the world. They have wasted enough time, already!

Wendilynn: The only problem with that idea is that we had that foreshadowing from Jung Seon last week that Jung Woo was going to be significantly angry in the future with him. We’ve already got Hong Ah doing her vengeful *itch routine and if she convinces Jung Woo to join her plan to ruin our lovers, I can see things getting very, very ugly.

Cici: Jung Woo has already reminded Jung Seon several times that he is his main investor, and that he has the power to take Good Soup away from him. Oh, I hope it doesn’t get that ugly. I have no doubt that Jung Seon would choose Hyun Soo over his restaurant, but it would make her so sad and guilty if it came to that. I wish there was someone hiding in the wings who could take care of Jung Woo’s broken heart and assuage his anger, but so far I don’t see anyone to fill that role.

Janet: I seriously have doubts that he is that much in love with Hyun Soo.  He told her he could be happy with her. But, c’mon, after 5 years he hasn’t tried to push for more of a relationship? He is content to just sit back and wait? A man in his position who knows what he wants and how to make things happen? The only emotion I get from him is anger at being thwarted and having his favorite toy taken away.

Wendilynn: It’s possible that this is about him feeling thwarted, but I honestly think he loves her. Speaking of thwarted, the little side story of Joon Ha and Kyung really made me smile. She sees him as a dork and I honestly couldn’t tell if he really liked her and was just hiding or finding excuses so he could hang around her and have her feed him. But when she started eating that hard boiled egg, I figured feelings were growing.

Cici: Now that’s a relationship that has so much cute potential. She always gives in and feeds him, but she is no door mat. She really gives him a hard time, and he just eats it up--both her food and her attitude.

Janet: What can I say, you are both so right. But I keep coming back to the story of him being divorced, twice, and paying out so much much alimony, and can’t help but wonder if that is just a story he concocted for some reason (other than getting girls to feed him!). Something about it just doesn’t ring true. Another mystery to solve!!

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