Can two best friends pursue the same woman and still maintain their friendship? Is all truly fair in love and war, or will this be the end of a beautiful bromance?  Join us as we try to figure out just where these latest developments are leading us in The Temperature of Love.


Temperature of Love

Starring Seo Hyun Jin and Yang Se Jong

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Cici: Ah, these episodes broke my heart! We knew Jung Woo was going to use Good Soup as the location for his proposal to Hyun Soo, but to expect Jung Seon to deliver the ring with dessert, even though he knows that he and Hyun Soo are in love, was just too much! Ack!


Janet: I was expecting Jung Seon to take the bait and expected him to explode when he saw Hyun Soo, and I was so glad he didn’t. He even realized that she didn’t know what was planned. They have learned to trust each other, a major step in any relationship!

Cici: It just seems like Jung Woo is going to do anything he can to “rock the boat”. I am still hoping that he is doing it in a weird attempt to solidify Jung Seon’s relationship with Hyun Soo, but I don’t really think that’s the case. It seems more like he’s playing the “If I can’t have her, neither can you” game. Which really disappoints me.

Janet: I believe him when he says he is doing it so that Jung Seon feels the kind of pain that he experienced when he realized that they were both in love with the same woman, but she was in love with Jung Seon. But I was picking up some good vibes from the actress that Hyun Soo met with in Jung Woo’s office. I’m thinking she might make him see the error of his ways. He might find true love and not settle for “comfortable”.


Cici: Oh, I wish! Unfortunately, I have a feeling that Park Shin Hye’s cameo was just that--a brief appearance never to be repeated. I also think he used her introduction as a way to show Hyun Soo how much he could do for her, professionally. The old carrot without a stick routine. But I am also thinking that he’ll use withdrawing his financial support for Good Soup as the stick. Oh, boo, he’s so determined to get what he wants (because he always has) that he’s becoming evil.

Janet:  Oh, no, say it isn’t so. I’m having a hard time seeing him as that manipulative. He has always played fair, so to speak, in the past and I can’t see him forcing Hyun Soo to choose him because of the threat he can hold over Jung Seon’s head. I don’t think he wants her on those terms. But, you are the Kdrama expert and you know how these things work far better than I!

Cici: Actually, Kdramas surprise me all the time, so I hope you are right. But here’s the problem: Jung Woo is basing his hopes of winning Hyun Soo on what Jung Seon told him about her...the inside scoop, so to speak. 1) Work is more important to her than love...she thinks love is silly. 2) She wants to be with someone she respects. While she does respect him, and she used to feel that way about love, he is failing to recognize that her thoughts and feelings have changed. She really loves being in love with Jung Seon.

Janet: True, but can Jung Woo really believe that she would continue to respect him if he tries to “win” using methods such as coercion and blackmail? Jung Woo is hurting right now, but when he gets his perspective back, he’ll realize that he is fighting a losing battle. He didn’t go through with the proposal, and I don’t think it was just because the ring didn’t come with the dessert.

Cici: So I just have to mention the things Jung Woo has said that worry me. First, he claims he always gets what he wants. That can be a difficult type of person to deal with. He also said that even with his friendship with Jung Seon on the line, that he couldn’t stop. It’s like he has to do everything he can, just so he won’t have any lingering regrets later. And then he said, “Our true friendship begins now.” Remember when Hyun Soo said that real love starts with farewell? That connection is what is breaking my heart, and it looks like it’s breaking Jung Seon’s as well. He certainly doesn’t want their friendship to end.


Janet: True, but he said this is where friendship starts, not ends. Which gives me hope. Just call me Pollyanna! But with so many other relationships changing and emerging in the restaurant these days, who can say. I love the fact that the hostess spoke up and demanded that Hong Ah give the Sous Chef to her. And I like it even more that he was happy about it! Finally, he gets a chance at happiness. And we gain a little insight into Evil Mom’s relationship with Prof. Min - all is not as it seams. And then we have the “future” in law problems creeping up already. Things are definitely getting interesting!


Cici: I may have cheered when Soo Jung put Hong Ah in her place, and laid claim to Won Joon! It was so cute the way he assumed that she was lying when she did it, just to help him save face. And even cuter when he got flustered when she told him it wasn’t a lie. I am rooting for that couple! And I am also rooting for Kyung and Director Kim. It was amazing when Hong Ah accused them of dating, and how flustered they both were. So maybe Hong Ah’s role is to be a reluctant matchmaker? That might just redeem her character...a little. But I’m afraid that nothing much is going to redeem Evil Mom. She is a witch!


Janet:  First of all, don’t forget that Hong Ah is also pushing Jung Woo in his pursuit of Hyun Soo, so that negates any redemption points she gets elsewhere! And I wanted to cheer when Prof. Min made that “just gag me” face behind Evil Mom. That relationship has always been a bit off, but I’m thinking that they deserve each other.


Cici: I’m afraid that it won’t last once he realizes that she’s spent every bit of money he has, and expects more. I couldn’t believe it when she went to Jung Woo and admitted that she dipped into Jung Seon’s inheritance, yet still continues her spendthrift ways. She has the nerve to ask him for money! And if he gives it to her, that’s just one more thing to hold over Jung Seon’s head. Where is that White Truck of Doom when you need it???

Janet:  Right around the corner, revving its engine? But I agree with you about holding any money he gives Evil Mom over Jung Seon’s head. I can see that happening all too easily. Especially if he calls it a loan and demands immediate repayment.

Cici: I feel like the noose is tightening around Jung Seon and Hyun Soo’s relationship, ready to strangle it with guilt. I just hope that they are strong enough to resist all the pressure. And if her parents disapprove of their love because of the type of family he comes from. That could be the last straw. Please, Nice Parents, don’t let us down!

Janet:  I think that they have been so supportive of Hyun Soo, they will continue to be there for her. Especially when they meet Evil Mom. They will want to make sure Jung Seon knows what a good partnership can be like! I loved the scene at the end of episode 22 where everyone is waving and the realization hits of exactly who everyone there is. I see lots of fireworks in the future very soon!


Cici: This could be really disastrous or really funny. Only time will tell!

Janet:  I really don’t see any friendships starting here!

Cici: Nope. None. Like I said, The White Truck of Doom is the only answer. Or at least Evil Mom marries Prof Min and moves far far away, never to be seen or heard from again. Yeah, I could live with that.

Janet: As you said, time will tell.

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