When two people with very different approaches to love fall in love, it can be hard to avoid misunderstandings and keep the spark alive. Will Jung Seon’s inability to share his difficulties with Hyun Soo end up being the chisel that drives them apart? Join Janet, Kate, and me, Cici, as we talk about the latest heartbreaks in Temperature of Love.


Temperature of Love

Starring Seo Hyun Jin and Yang Se Jong

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Cici: These past few episodes are breaking my heart. It’s so hard to watch a couple who loves each other so desperately just keep on failing to communicate. I can understand how Hyun Soo needs Sung Woo to trust her enough to confide in her when he’s having a hard time. But I can also understand how hard it would be to unload his family and financial burdens on her when she is struggling with her own career.

Janet: Very true, but I don’t think that is why he holds back. I think he is just emotionally stunted. He deals with his Mom by not dealing with her. Same thing with the Professor - he just ignores him. He never learned to deal with his emotions, so he just ignores them. He can’t even get angry with Jung Woo, until he is provoked. He’s pretty much a mess. He likes/loves Hyun Soo, but he doesn’t know how to show her. Except with silly “puppy dog” eyes. I want to shake him. And then I think maybe she should look at Jung Woo a little bit harder - she might like a man with some maturity.

Kate: Hyun Soo had a happier and more emotionally healthy upbringing than Jung Seon. He’s had to close himself in for a long time because opening himself up to be vulnerable would have resulted in a terrible outcome. His mom is unreliable, his father was abusive. Honestly, Hyun Soo was expecting an awful lot of Jung Seon a bit quickly for him considering his past. I don’t really fault either of them. Hyun Soo and Jung Seon are coming from different experiences, and if she can’t get what she needs from the relationship because Jung Seon isn’t ready to give it yet, maybe the timing really is wrong. Whether they can find the right timing in the future, though, I don’t know. Especially as Hyun Soo is looking at her relationships with both of the men in her life with new eyes as she edits her script for Good Soup.

Cici: I keep thinking about how their problems seem to stem from their different expectations, and their inability to clearly express them. Hyun Soo wanted to be part of the problem-solving process with Jung Seon. She didn’t want to wait for him to get everything neat, tidy, and under control--she wanted to be right there in the trenches with him. And while she stated that pretty clearly, he couldn’t hear her. All he could think of was getting his ducks in a row so that he could be a responsible provider, and take care of her. I think this drama is so relatable (and frustrating) because the same scenario plays out in countless relationships every day. The woman wants more involvement--”Tell me what you’re feeling!” and the man wants to look good and protect “his” woman from distress. Ugh.

Janet: I think the use of the playground for so many scenes is so very appropriate - in so many ways they handle their problems in childish ways, both caught up in the past. They try to move forward and grow, but seem unable to bridge the gap. In the last segment Jung Seon finally started to treat his mother as a person, accepting that she has “issues” but she still loves him. As they open up to each other he finally understands what Hyun Soo wants in a relationship.

Kate: Speaking of issues, I wanted to smack Hong Ah a few times this week. Girl doesn’t just have issues, she’s got a full subscription. I’m not sure she has a handle on any emotions outside of her ambition as a writer and desire for recognition and status. Since she’s a second tier character and we’ve only got a couple of weeks left, I don’t think we’ll get much more about what brought her to this point other than the bratty rich girl trope, but I hope she can learn something before the end of the series, too. At present, I don’t wish a romance with her on any of the male characters. How did she and Hyun Soo become friends in the first place? She has to be better than Hyun Soo or have more success than Hyun Soo or she’s miserable. In the meantime, she has so many fits in Jung Woo’s office that her script better be amazing, or she’s not worth that kind of effort. Then again, Jung Woo’s patience seems almost endless.

Cici: Ah, Jung Woo. He is amazing, whether he’s dealing with the bratty Hong Ah or seeing to it that Hyun Soo’s mom gets the surgery she needs.The results were positive for her parents, and had to impress Hyun Soo. He’s rich, handsome, caring, and openly admits he likes Hyun Soo. What parent wouldn’t be at least a little thrilled that their daughter might catch such a man? And then poor Jung Seon--the only way he can express how much he cares is to cook for them. It really doesn’t seem fair.

Janet: Strange how we all change our positions. I used to mistrust Jung Woo, and now I’m starting to like him more and more. I was totally in Jung Seon’s corer until he started acting so He-Manly and not considering Hyun Soo as an equal partner. I was starting to think that he deserved to lose Hyun Soo. And then he does something nice and I immediately find myself in his corner again. I definitely don’t like that fact that Jung Woo has developed such a liking for alcohol these days!!

Kate: Poor Jung Woo. Other than blaming Hyun Soo’s love for Jung Seon on him and getting angry at him about that, he’s done so much right. He didn’t push Hyun Soo, he was always there for her. In fact, I started to wonder if he’s done too much for her. His care for her might have stopped either one of them from moving forward in their romantic lives; him because he’s waiting for Hyun Soo, and his caretaking of her allowing her to feel the comfort of a partner without the responsibilities and remain in love with Jung Seon from afar. It may even hurt Hyun Soo’s career that Jung Woo has helped her so much. Who wants to be the woman whose talent is doubted and second guessed because people think that she earned it by sleeping with the boss? If she ever has to leave On Entertainment, she may have it rough. I can’t sincerely decide what I want for Hyun Soo’s love life in the end. Jung Seon might not understand how to meet Hyun Soo emotionally yet, but Jung Woo seems so in touch with her emotions and needs, he may be taking it so far that he isn’t treating her as a true partner either.

Cici: These dam* writers are playing with our emotions! They make us think Hyun Soo is all about the happy ending, then suddenly she’s considering a sad ending? The one thing I think I understand about Hyun Soo is that she thrives on challenge. She needs to be able to show her strength. If neither Jung Seon or Jung Woo are comfortable letting her do that, maybe she won’t end up with either of them. But that ending--It’s as if she has suddenly realized, or remembered, that the way she feels about Jung Seon is a once-in-a-lifetime thing. I’m hoping that now that he has begged her to go with him, that she’ll reconsider and go.

Janet: Well, the way she was racing to the airport shows that she isn’t quite ready to give up on their love. She might not go with him today, but there is hope for the future. As long as she doesn’t run into that white truck of doom as she speeds down the road!

Kate: Is six short episodes enough for Hyun Soo to get amnesia, decide to marry Jung Woo, and then remember her love for Jung Seon as he comes back from his six months in Hong Kong to interrupt their wedding? I kid, I kid, but I am uncertain about where this story is taking us as we head to the end. Fingers crossed it involves Kyung and Joon Ha finally making a go of it. Other than that, who knows if our ending will be a happy one or a sad one?

Is this going to turn out to be a melodrama or a romantic comedy? Be sure to share your thoughts and predictions in the comments below!

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