Welcome back, gourmands! This week we reached the conclusion to our meal in the final episodes of Temperature of Love. While there were ups, and downs, I think we ended with a nice sweet taste at the end. Were you happy with how the stories resolved in the series? Join Cici, Janet and me, Kate, as we discuss this last course of Temperature of Love.


Temperature of Love

Starring Seo Hyun Jin and Yang Se Jong

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Cici: I was so pleased with these last few episodes, and the way even the side characters had some resolution. There were times in the middle of the drama when I honestly thought there was no way certain characters could ever have a redemption arc (I’m looking at you, Jung Seon’s mom), but even she proved to have some redeeming qualities. I loved the way she handled Professor Min after their breakup. You go, Mom!

Janet: Boy, you got that right. I wanted to applaud her in that scene - and everyone knows how I felt about her before. Even Hong Ah learned her lesson and finally acknowledged her feelings for Won Joon. And Kyung and her Director. Just desserts for all!

Kate: I wanted Hong Ah to get a little more romantic comeuppance, and have to prove herself to Won Joon a little bit more than she did, but professionally I was pleased by how it turned out for her. She did have a good relationship with her Director, and Jung Woo started putting boundaries down with her and with other people in his professional life, which was healthy and productive of him. That caring so much that he enabled was a problem I mentioned last week, and while he continued to care for his friends and employees, his refusal to let Hong Ah push him around, or help Joon Ha take care of every little detail of their new show was a good step for him.

Cici: I have never stopped loving Jung Woo, and I was so pleased with his final reaction to Jung Seon and Hyun Soo’s wedding. He had already conceded, and I think quite graciously, at that. Even the surprise of the party turned announcement wasn’t enough to wipe the smile from his face. I also appreciated it when he confessed that much of what he had been doing was to test Jung Seon and Hyun Soo’s relationship. Either their love would be strong enough to survive his “attacks”, or they would split, offering him the opportunity to step in. Like I said before, he was playing a win-win game, and I love that he still considered it a win, even though he didn’t personally get the girl. Hooray for the survival of bromance!

Janet: I had to smile when Jung Woo made the comment “How did I ever think she was mine?”

Almost as if he was justifying his loss. Or more like justifying his moving on and not giving up on losing the love he was trying so hard to win. And he didn’t let it affect his working relationship with Hyun Soo.

Kate: I found the Hyun Soo and Jung Seon’s story the least interesting this week, actually. I was glad they had a happy ending, but it didn’t feel like they earned it fully. They were at a huge crossroads at the end of last week, and within almost seconds they resolved their conflict and then were pretty much just happy the rest of the episodes. They both did start to change, Jung Seon starting to open up more, and Hyun Soo taking a few more cues from him about getting too involved sometimes, but it feels like they skipped a step in there somewhere. I am glad, though, that Hyun Soo’s mother finally started to appreciate Jung Seon as well. It was tough to see her put him down in favor of what Hyun Soo could have with Jung Woo so many times when Jung Seon was a good and caring boyfriend for her daughter right then.

Cici: That made me realize once again one of the main cultural differences between American and Korean parents. It seems, at least in Kdramaland, that Korean parents are most concerned for the material welfare of their children, as well as the family background of their future spouse. By contrast, most American parents are more concerned with whether their children truly love their future mate. I know that’s a broad generalization, but it makes me appreciate what an emotional and cultural sacrifice Hyun Soo’s parents made by accepting Jung Seon. It also makes me appreciate Jung Seon’s mother, who really was trying to change her bad spending habits and become financially independent so that her child could have a happy future.

Janet: Jung Seon’s mother was such a mass of contradictions. She seemed so insecure that she was constantly looking for “male” approval and attention to feel as if she had value. Once she made her “peace” with her son and taking responsibility for herself, she liked and accepted herself. And so did her son and Hyun Soo. And myself.

Kate: Hyun Soo really is a catch. She already liked Jung Seon’s mom even when she was at her most self involved. She took time to do business research with her when she was in the middle of a heavy workload for her new series. She was great with his dad, too, even though knowing about how he treated his first wife and then ignored his son after his divorce would have made it difficult for me to have a civil conversation with him. She drew him out of his shell, and may have helped to start a thaw in his and Jung Seon’s relationship that might really last. It was satisfying in the final scenes to see the little community of love and friendship gathered around them at Good Soup. If Jung Seon and Hyun Soo’s relationship doesn’t succeed in the future, it won’t be because of lack of support. They have a community that is rooting for them now, as well as their love for one another.

Cici: Now that’s what I call a happy ending! Hooray!

Were you happy with how things ended?  Was this a pleasant meal for you?  Let us know in the comments.

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