It can be hard to notice when you fall in love when you're not looking for it. When it comes to the characters in Temperature of Love, Lee Hyun Soo (Seo Hyn Jin) had her eye so focused that she didn’t -- or couldn’t -- look past convention to see the heart Ohn Jung Seon (Yang Se Jong) was offering her. Circumstances pulled them apart and what could have been will never be known. Now, we’re jumping back to the present and only time will tell whose heart will be claimed once again.

Cici: I just have to say that I love the interactions between Jung Seon and Jung Woo. They are so funny together, I kind of hate to see that relationship turn into a rivalry over Hyun Soo.

Janet: With all the emotions getting thrown out there, I like the irony in that the youngest male (usually the last to mature) knows his heart and what he wants better than everyone else. While others are torn or fighting their desires, Ohn Jung Seon steadfastly goes after what he wants.

Wendilynn: I really like Jung Seon. I cracked up when he turned the tables on Jung Woo in the kitchen scene. He made Jung Woo get all uncomfortable just like he’d been doing to him up till that point. It highlighted the friendship between them. I’m also not really looking forward to seeing that relationship strained as well.

Cici: I’m really hoping that the empathy we saw from Jung Woo when Hyun Soo confessed that she was in love with another man (in the middle of /his/ confession to her, no less!) will keep things from getting too bitter in future episodes. But he is one determined man, so I have my doubts. While I love Jung Seon, it is Jung Woo who intrigues me the most.

ToL e7   failed confession.png

Janet: I think that this drama is going to have so many twists we are going to need a roadmap. We have age differences, the required crazy mother, rivalries, nasty sister and the do-gooder, know best friend. How many ways can things get misquoted and or miscommunicated?

Wendilynn: The actor playing Jung Woo also played a CEO who falls in love with the lead female who has to be the grownup and bow out gracefully in Mary Stayed Out All Night. I sort of hope this is not the same type of character. I like Jung Woo and I want to see him develop more.

Cici: The character I think I am going to love to hate is the “best friend” Hong Ah. She’s charming, and she seems to genuinely like Hyun Soo, but she is already showing so many diva characteristics that could really get in the way of their friendship. She’s universally recognized as a goddess by most men who see her, and even though she pretends not to like the attention from strangers, she expects it as her due. She obviously views Jung Seon as a challenge, and she has given him slightly slanted information about Hyun Soo’s “boyfriend” that is intended to make him give up on her. I don’t hate her yet, but it may come to that soon.

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Janet: I know exactly what you mean. I do like the way Hyun Soo has finally grown up and is able to stand up for herself (against Writer Park - definitely someone I love to hate) and become a valued employee, capable of making mature decisions.

Wendilynn: Hong Ah will be a pill. And I think you are right that she is after what she thinks is due her, not because she actually likes Jung Seon. The mom is probably the character that irritates me the most. Actually, both of Jung Seon’s parents are awful people. Having his Dad basically tell him to go be miserable with his mom so he didn’t have to deal with her was contemptible. I’m amazed that Jung Seon is as decent as he appears to be. Cause his parents certainly didn’t teach him to be a great person.

Cici: Once again this is a drama where one miscommunication--or rather, failure to communicate--changes everything. If only Hyun Soo had chosen to take the call from Jung Seon when she was with Jung Woo, she wouldn’t have had so many regrets for the ensuing five years. If only Jung Seon had remembered that she was the type of person who frequently changed her mind, he wouldn’t have taken her refusal to wait for him so seriously. If there’s one thing to be learned from dramas, it’s, “Say what you mean, and mean what you say!!”

Janet: That holds true in life - it’s just that not many have enough self confidence to believe that it makes a difference!

Wendilynn: What? You want dramas to be straightforward and logical? Pshaw… I remember her sister wishing that Hyun Soo would cry for 3 days over a man. I figured that line was a fun bit of foreshadowing. She knows she’s only got herself to blame for not clueing into the reality of the situation. He asked her to wait. He told her about the email. He tried to call from the airport. He didn’t just disappear on her. He did try to tell her he was leaving. She just wasn’t listening.


Cici: It’s true, and she has paid the price for that. But perhaps the combination of her pain over losing Jung Seon and the confidence that her relationship with Jung Woo has instlled is what makes her the strong woman she is in the present. I really can’t imagine her standing up for her script in front of a crowd like that back when she was just a poor assistant writer working for Writer Park. I do love it when characters grow like that.

Janet: Growth, yes. But still managed to retain a little naivety as demonstrated when she was arguing with the director and she told him she knew he had changed other people’s scripts but didn’t expect him to change hers.

Wendilynn: She did need those experiences. It will be fun to see where they take things from here.

What do you think? Will the bromance between Jung Woo and Jung Seon be enough to get their friendship through the upcoming rivalry over Hyun Soo? Will Hong Ah succeed in derailing Hyun Soo's most important relationships? Share your thoughts in the comments below! 


Temperature of Love

Starring Seo Hyun Jin and Yang Se Jong

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