From the depths of despair to the giddy heights of love, Hyun Soo is experiencing it all. Join Janet and me, Cici, as we chat about everything from (Good) Soup to nuts in Temperature of Love.

Cici: Poor Hyun Soo. It seems like her dreams are crashing all around her. Except, of course, her dreams of being with Jung Seon. I for one am relieved that she has finally realized that being in a loving relationship with someone is just as important to her happiness as being in a successful career, and that Jung Seon was able to give her a second chance.

And while his attention has not had the results he hoped for, I have to credit Jung Woo for that development. He has stood by her for the past five years, and his dedication and patience has helped her realize the importance of her feelings for Jung Seon. But you can’t deny that there is some real chemistry there. Every time he shows her how much he cares, it breaks my heart a little.


Janet: With age comes wisdom, or so I’ve been told. Although I can understand her possessiveness about Foul Play after learning it is based on her relationship with her sister. About two brothers instead of two sisters, but poetic license and all that.

Cici: You know, I remember her telling her sister that, but the connection between that and her reaction to having her script hijacked hadn’t really occurred to me. Now it makes a lot more sense. I could understand the pragmatic suggestion that she just endure it and use the increased ratings to help her get an even better project the next time, but now that I think about it, there was no way she could keep her name on a script that wasn’t even hers anymore. Good job, Hyun Soo. Way to stand up for the right!

Janet: I’m sure now that her relationship with her sister is less caustic, she is back to the role of older sister and that includes protecting her sibling and setting a good example for her and her niece.

Cici: I was just so relieved that the amount of screen time given to annoying characters has been so reduced in these episodes. We still have Evil Mom (any screen time given to her is a waste) but at least Evil Sister has transitioned into Acceptable Sibling. And Writer Park is effectively out of the picture, as is Director Kim. Yay!! Now it just remains to be seen whether Sexy Boss Jung Woo will remain cool or become a demon to deal with now that he has spied Hyun Soo together with Jung Seon. I am still hoping for the best, but with half the drama left, I have a horrible premonition that he will become the source of the next big conflict.

Janet: We have it from Jung Seon that things will get worse, when he spoke of defusing the situation. But I just have to say that I loved Jung Seon and Hyun Soo sitting on the steps at the Floating Bridge. When she put her head on his shoulder, I turned to mush!

Cici: As did I. Unfortunately, when a character says something so positive and hopeful this early in the drama, you know that everything is going to get really messy before it gets better. And I do feel really bad for Jung Woo. He’s never had an easy time trusting people, and now he’s sure to feel betrayed, even if unintentionally, by the two people he cares the most about.

Janet: So very true. Hyun Soo never encouraged his feelings for her, she kept everything at a professional level, but short of quitting her job to show CEO Park that she wasn’t interested, continued to give him hope. And as a result he wasn’t open to any other potential relationships. Kind of a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t”.

Cici: I did love the way he stood up for Hyun Soo when Hong Ah asked to sign a contract with him for more money. It was about time someone put her in her place.


Coming on top of the way Jung Seon also told her that Hyun Soo would always take priority over her, and that if she was still hung up on him, it wasn’t because he had ever encouraged her, I guess I can see why she would be upset. No, wait... All I can feel is Yay! Way to crush the Evil Friend!


Janet: I’m just hoping that when she takes over the script writing she makes a horrible mess and fall flat on her face. I know it sounds mean, but it is no more than she deserves.

Cici: Now that Hyun Soo’s name will be removed from the credits, I’m with you. And that’s not mean, that’s justice. So now that the majority of the annoying characters have been dealt with, what do you think of Kyung and Kim Joon Ha? I can see them as an adorable couple.

Janet: Absolutely! Although Kim Joon Ha may have his work cut out for him. Kyung is already more than a little in love with him, but she is aware if his failed marriage (or is it 2?) and is more than a little leery. But once they work things out, as you said, they will be a cute couple.

Cici: Kyung is so cute! I kind of feel like Hyun Soo-- I love her! And she has proven herself a true friend who will stand by Hyun Soo even when the chips are down, defend her against the horrible Hong Ah, and do her best to set her up with Jung Seon. I am kind of ridiculously pleased with her character.


Janet: For the most part, all the main characters are strong, likable (if not lovable) people. The pairings are great, you root for each couple to become even greater. We just need someone for Jung Woo. He deserves a great companion - he needs to meet a great woman who will knock his socks off and make him understand that love is really more than just an “arrangement”

Cici: Yes, oh yes, please! Writer-nim, are you listening? Please don’t leave Jung Woo sad and bitter after he realizes that Jung Seon and Hyun Soo are together. He so deserves a happy ending. But why does it seem like all the feel-good moments of these past four episodes are just the calm before the storm?

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