Battle lines have been drawn and the fight is on! But is all truly fair in love and war? Just how far will Jung Woo take his pursuit of Hyun Soo, and who will suffer the most because of it? Join Janet and me, Cici, as we discuss the strategies that may tear loves and friendships apart in this week’s episodes of Temperature of Love.


Temperature of Love

Starring Seo Hyun Jin and Yang Se Jong

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Cici: I thought things were getting tense when Jung Woo finally came clean with Jung Seon regarding his intentions. But that scene . . .

. . . was nothing compared to his actions this past week.

Janet: I’m feeling very conflicted here. Sometimes I sense that Jung Woo really doesn’t want this to play out to the end and other times it seems as though it doesn’t matter who he hurts as long as he ultimately emerges victorious.

Cici: I feel the same way. I don’t know whether to be disappointed or hopeful. I’m still leaning towards hopeful, though. And I think he does have a point--Jung Seon is so afraid of becoming abusive like his father that he never allows himself to be angry. Or at least show it. All that pent-up anger can’t be healthy, so maybe it’s a good thing that he finally let some of it out.

Janet: True, but it might be a case of “too much of a good thing”. He exploded at his mom, scaring her and himself. Hard to go back to ignoring her and his feelings after that. He doesn’t seem to be handling the fact that he actually hit Jung Woo very well, although Jung Woo seemed very satisfied that he made him lose control.

Cici: I do worry a little about what effect that fight will have on Jung Seon. Losing his cool clearly upset him. And that reaction he had to his mom going behind his back and borrowing money from Jung Woo, just when he thought he had cut any financial ties with him, was heartbreaking. I wonder if he’ll lose his inheritance if he can’t repay both the loan he has taken out on the land and his mom’s debts.

Janet: When Evil Mon confessed to Jung Woo that she had used some of his inheritance, I was expecting it to be all gone when he went to the bank. I was very relieved that she hadn’t gotten her claws into that. But I still worry how much she did siphon away. I think Jung Woo is trying to make both Jung Seon and Hyun Soo fight for what is important to them. I think her tendency is to let things just happen as opposed to Hong Ah’s making her own destiny approach to life.


Cici: Good comparison! So why doesn’t Jung Seon fall for Hong Ah? He clearly admires her drive. And she really doesn’t take any crap from anyone. The way she finagled stealing away Director Kim, and getting the icky Director Min sloughed off onto Hyun Soo, was amazing. And Hyun Soo just went along with it. So in my book, Jung Woo and Hong Ah are the perfect match, just like Hyun Soo and Jung Seon. At least, if you believe that birds of a feather . . .

Janet: Somehow I think that Jung Woo is too smart to take on Hong Ah. He might like her underhandedness, but I don’t think he respects it. And while he might enjoy battles in the boardroom, he wants his bedroom to be peaceful. Which is why he wants Hyun Soo; she is very complacent and non confrontational (until really pushed!)

Cici: I don’t really understand Hyun Soo’s personality. She can be very accommodating when it comes to keeping her boss happy, but she absolutely refuses to budge when it comes to matters of the heart. From someone who protested for so long that she didn’t believe in the importance of love, her devotion to Jung Seon is quite remarkable. Maybe that’s what Jung Woo is trying to test.


Janet: I think that as much as she loves her parents, she resents their devotion to each other. She even said that they loved each other so much that they forgot their own kids. Maybe she is afraid to fall that deeply in love. Just as she doesn’t control her life and her writing, she can’t control her heart. She seems afraid of taking charge, seems more content to go with the flow.

Cici: Speaking of her parents, have you noticed a change in her mom’s personality? She was practically rude to Professor Min. What’s with that?

Janet: Do you think something is going on medically? She had all those tests done, but nothing has been mentioned about the results. She just doesn’t seem the same as she was in the earlier episodes.

Cici: No, she doesn’t. I hate this type of foreshadowing. But on a lighter note, I was impressed with Hyun Soo’s understanding of Jung Seon when she went to talk with Jung Woo. She told him that she was used to faltering, and that she could recover from it, but that Jung Seon wasn’t. Jung Woo’s response--stop being his helicopter mom and get back to work--startled me. But that’s what she needed to hear. Jung Seon needs to grow up a little and learn how to acknowledge and control his emotions without just stuffing them down where he can ignore them. And I still think that Jung Woo is playing what he considers a win-win game. If Jung Seon and Hyun Soo’s relationship collapses under pressure and gives him the opportunity to jump in and snatch Hyun Soo, that’s a win. And if it doesn’t, then he knows that at least he tried his best, and no regrets. Still a win.

Janet: Nope, not a win. He always /wins/. He always gets what he wants. Anything less than Jung Woo getting Hyun Soo is not a win to him. He would need to rethink his entire philosophy if he lost to Jung Seon. Everything he has done has been prefaced with “I always win”.


Cici: But sometimes he is satisfied with “breaking even.” That’s what happened with the production of Hyun Soo’s last drama. If that applies to this whole relationship arena, maybe he’ll be satisfied with testing the limits of Jung Seon’s and Hyun Soo’s relationship, but still maintaining their friendship? Is such a thing even possible? Probably not...He’s probably going all in. Speaking of all in, when is Director Kim going to really lay things on the line with Kyung? Now that he won’t be working with them professionally, he’ll have to find another reason to hang out at their house.

Janet: Well, he did tell Kyung he liked her, but she doesn’t want to acknowledge her feelings or his. He will need to overcome a lot to get her to go out with him. He’s willing, but she is fighting her feelings. Just what we need, More Conflict!

Cici: No! I need more cute grocery shopping moments! More back hugs! MORE KISSES! All this anger and angst is getting to me. I need a little more comedy in this romantic comedy!


Janet: You can say that again! Especially the more kisses!

Cici: I think we all just want what Hyun Soo wants:


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