Seo Hyun Jin gets candid!

The Temperature of Love actress recently opened up to women's fashion and lifestyle magazine about her upcoming television drama and her style of love. When asked about her feelings about the new SBS series, the lovely star had this to say:

“I actually wanted to do a drama that dealt with emotions. Where someone falls in love with someone, that love doesn’t work out, and then you meet again; a drama where emotions are involved those kinds of situations,”

What is her opinion of relationships in real life? The Grazia interviewer asked her to choose between a spontaneous romance full of passion or a relationship where two people grow to love each other over time. She admitted that she wants to date her best friend. “Rather than caring about the temperature of love, I want to date someone who’s like a best friend. Someone who knows how to be loyal to another person; I wonder if there’s a person like that."

You can check out her complete interview and photo spread in the October issue of Grazia Korea.

What is Temperature of Love all about?  Two worlds clash in real life after a chance meeting online. A writer and chef, who have drastically different views on life, discover if they can truly fall in love after an online connection. Block B's  P.O. also stars in this delicious romantic comedy.

What are you looking forward to seeing the most in Temperature of Love

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