We have another memorable moment to share with you from Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (aka Eternal Love). In this scene, why did Mark Chao have to carry Yang Mi over his shoulder again and again?

(Spoilers Alert) 

In a scene from episode 48, Prince Ye Hua is feeling a bit crushed when Bai Qian says he is "not up to his stamina."

He has just drawn a brush painting of her and their son, Ali, when Lady Cheng Yu questions why she isn't included in the painting. 

(Doesn't she realize Ye Hua doesn't look at any woman other than Bai Qian?)

Bai Qian makes a polite excuse for Ye Hua by saying his stamina is not quite up to it these days, but Cheng Yu's mind seems to be led astray by the suggestion.

The usually calm Prince Ye Hua gets up, hoists Bai Qian over his shoulder, and takes her straight into his chamber. 

What follows is a most romantic scene where Bai Qian finally confesses her feelings. Ye Hua's reaction is extremely touching too.

But, before we get there, first Ye Hua has to carry his beloved White Fox Princess across the courtyard.

It's not a scene where a stuntman can substitute for Mark Chao. 

Nor can a stuntwoman sub for Yang Mi.

Watch how Mark Chao has to carry Yang Mi again and again... and again! 

The actual walk toward the bedchamber doesn't seem to take long when you watch it, but the filming took many takes.

Remember, at this point, Ye Hua can only use his left arm because he has suffered a terrible loss during a battle with four ferocious beasts. So Mark Chao has to keep his right arm stiff and only use his left side to do all the heavy-duty work.

It's not easy for Yang Mi either, because she has to bend over his shoulder every time.

No wonder our leading couple gets worn out after a while and needs a break.

But all that work leads to a most touching and intimate scene.

Now go on to episode 48 to catch a most romantic scene that has all the feels that you can get from the celestial universe.

The hilarious segment starts at 08:30.


Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (aka Eternal Love) - 三生三世十里桃花

Starring Yang Mi and Mark Chao

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Did you notice the single tear at the corner of Ye Hua's eye during their passionate kiss? He cannot believe that he has finally won Bai Qian's love again despite her memory loss

Do you think episode's love confession and bed scene is more romantic than episode 30's reunion scene?

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