In the popular fantasy romance, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, Princess Bai Qian (Yang Mi), known as the High Goddess of the White Fox clan, wakes up after a long sleep and does not remember her romantic escapades. In Chinese symbolism, the peach flower is a symbol for romance. Let's take a look at the peach-blossom journey that Bai Qian will go through to find her ultimate true love.

(Spoilers Alert) 

The beautifully filmed Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms is an enchanting saga about immortals who succumb to the power of love even though they have fantastic powers beyond belief. The imaginative story unfolds over eons with a huge ensemble cast. The main leading couple is played by Yang Mi and Mark Chao, but as you'll see, they are magical beings who go through transformations and even incarnations in the fanciful drama. 

The original novel tells the story from Bai Qian's first-personal narrative, as she gradually uncover the mystery of her quest. 

Who is her true love? Will they ever find each other?

1. More than 70,000 years ago, the White Fox princess transformed as a male disciple named Si In to study under the God of War, Mo Yuan (Mark Chao), at the Kun Lung Mountains. She admired her master greatly and felt a strong attachment. Mo Yuan is now presumed dead after a great battle with the evil Qing Cang. If he ever returns to life, will their mutual affection turn to romantic love?

2. During Bai Qian's time as the disciple named Si In, she fell in love with Ghost Prince Li Jing (Zhang Bin Bin), who later betrayed her when he gave in to the deceitful Xuan Nu. Li Jing cannot forget Si In and regrets his actions. If they ever meet again, will Bai Qian/Si In forgive Li Jing and rekindle their love?

3. Bai Qian was once injured by Qing Cang, the evil Ghost King who stripped her of powers and turned her into a mortal without any memory of her true identity.  As a mortal, Bai Qian was named Su Su by a wounded warrior she met in the forest and nursed to health. They fell in love and decided to marry. There was something strange about her husband, however, as he would disappear in a puff for months at a time. Who is he? Is he Bai Qian/Su Su's one true love?

4. Princess Bai Qian is officially engaged to the reigning Celestial Crown Princess Ye Hua (Mark Chao), sight unseen, in a diplomatic accord between the White Fox King and the Heavenly Lord. Crown Prince Ye Hua was born after Mo Yuan's disappearance and bears a strong resemblance to Bai Qian's teacher. Is he actually Mo Yuan's reincarnation? Can such a marriage by decree develop into real romance?

So here's the big secret: Crown Prince Ye Hua is actually the warrior who married Su Su. 

Mistaken identities can lead to romance or heartbreaks, and often the viewers even know more about their multiple transformations and identities than the characters themselves do.

Ye Hua doesn't know Bai Qian was Su Su, nor does Bai Qian even remember about her life as Su Su.

Isn't life complicated?

(The following clip shows when Ye Hua explains why he names Bai Qian's mortal girl as Su Su.)

If you ever visit a Chinese fortune teller and are told that your destiny is full of peach blossoms, then you should know that you are fated to meet many romances as the peach flower is often associated with romance in Chinese symbolism. However, having a life of romances doesn't guarantee finding true love. 

Will Bai Qian ever find her true love? Will Ye Hua fall in love with Bai Qian? Find out by watching this enchanting fantasy drama:


Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (aka Eternal Love) - 三生三世十里桃花

Starring Yang Mi and Mark Chao

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On the other hand, I've already fallen for the super charming Mark Chao.

How about you?

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