When I think of the things I first want to see when I wake up in a hotel, Godzilla is definitely not on that list. But I can't say that making a Godzilla-themed hotel doesn't really intrigue me. Well, it looks like on April 24, my keen interest is about to become a reality when the Godzilla-themed Hotel Gracery in Shinjuku has its official opening.

The hotel is 30 stories and features a giant Godzilla head peeking out over the Toho Cinema in a way that only a giant green monster knows how. Fortunately for fans of the movie franchise, there will be an observation deck just so you can get a look at the big green statue up close.

There is also a room covered in Godzilla paraphernalia called the (you guessed it) "Godzilla Room," which runs for around $334 dollars. You can also catch a good glimpse of the Godzilla in two other rooms of the hotel, which run around $125 per night. 

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