How well do you know K-pop dance moves? Can you tell what dance it is simply by ONE move? Are you that much of an epic fangirl or boy? Am I asking too many questions?! Well check out this chart below; there are 30 different dancing memes, and all you need to do is show off how epic of a K-pop fan you are by naming the group and song these dances belong to. I went ahead and played the game myself and couldn't figure out a few of them (-_-). I'm a failure! Take a look at the chart and write all your guesses down. When you're done, scroll to the bottom and see if you and I got the same answers, and if you were able to figure out the ones I couldn't!


^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ My answers which may or may not be right. 1. 4Minute- What’s Your Name? 2. F(x)- Nu Abo 3. Super Junior- Sorry, Sorry 4. ?!?!?! 5. BEAST/B2ST- Shock 6. Afterschool- First Love 7. !?!?!? 8. SISTAR- Alone 9. EXO- Wolf 10. ?!?!?! 11. ?!?!?! 12. Girls Generation - Genie 13. VIXX - Hyde 14. ?!?!?! 15. G-Dragon and Taeyang - Song I dunno but GD is wearing the Heartbreaker outfit. 16. 2NE1 - Fire 17. SHINee - Lucifer 18. Miss A - Bad Girl Good Girl 19. Yoseub - Caffeine 20. ?!?!?! 21. Apink- Hush 22. ?!?!?! 23. TVXQ-Keep your head down 24. JYJ- Get out 25. KARA- Mister 26. INFINITE 27. IU- You and I 28. Super Junior- Mr. Simple 29. TEEN TOP- To You 30. Wonder Girls- Tell Me KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE