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Text messages from a friend of "Trainee A," who has claimed to have been sexually assaulted by Park Shi Hoo, indicate that the three conspired with Park's former management company to "make things hard" for him. The texts below were revealed as coming from Trainee A's friend, known in the Korean press as "B." Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 11.58.56 AM  
  • “I’m planning on how to making things hard for Park Shi Hoo with Eyagi Entertainment”
  • “Hwang is also feeling betrayed by Park”
  • “We have to get to him first”
  • “This needs to go to press first so we can get a larger settlement”
According to the police “B” sent Kakao Talk messages to Trainee A letting her know that she was working with Park’s former management company, Eyagi Entertainment, on how to make things difficult for Park at about 8:30 PM on February 15th, just 30 minutes prior to Trainee A going to see the gynecologist. At the time, “B” allegedly wrote, “Hwang is also feeling betrayed by Park so we’re trying to come up with a way to teach him a lesson.” It was also reported that Hwang recommended Trainee A and “B” use the media in their favor. The day before the press reported on the lawsuit, “B” wrote to Trainee A “If we don’t go to the media about the lawsuit, Hwang said he’ll do it for us so we need to do it first.” She also wrote to Trainee A “This needs to go to press first so we can get a larger settlement.” Eyagi Entertainment has denied the claims and stated on the 5th that “Hwang does not have anything to do with this case.” While Hwang has admitted to having met with “B” he stated that the two “only met for about 5 minutes to reach an agreement on a settlement.” [Source: Joongang]