Most people just stare in awe when they see beautiful stars wearing elegant gowns on the red carpet. Sine Benjaphorn, a young woman in Thailand, however, actually did something amazing when she saw a famous actress in a beautiful gown. She made a dress that spoofed the original, and her funny photo has gone viral.

Thai actress Chompoo Araya's favorite color is pink, and she appeared at the Cannes Film Festival recently in a ravishing pink Ralph & Russo ball gown:

Sine Benjaphorn, a 28-year-old designer who owns an online plus-size clothing store, noticed something unusual when she saw the Thai actress's pink gown.

The gown's pink color reminded her of the shrimp crackers made by her mother. These crackers, also known as prawn crackers or shrimp puffs, are popular snacks.

What happened next is simply stunning. 

Sine made a dress using bags of the salty and pink-colored shrimp crackers. When she posted her hilarious photo, it immediately went viral.

She later told a reporter, “I’m shocked. I never thought this many people would share my photo. And I’m on every news channel."

Actually, the talented new fashion star has spoofed other celebrities before. She said, "It's fun for me. I'm never going to be a Hollywood celebrity so the nearest thing I can do is imitate them." 

"Thankfully people find the pictures quite funny. I'm glad I'm making people smile," added Sine.

Well, Sine is getting so famous that she just might get invited to a grand event herself. In the meantime, let's hope she'll keep up the fun and make us smile.

How do you like her pink creation?


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