Yes, mermaids do exist! And what's more, you can become one of the mythical sea creatures yourself, as long as you book a tour of the Philippines, Guam Saipan, or Okinawa with a specific Japanese tour company. 

Rising Asia, a growing Japanese tour company with guides in over 100 countries, has come up with a special tour to make dreams of becoming a mermaid come true for women in Japan. You just have to go on vacation to Cebu Island in the Philippines, which is a 122 mile long tropical paradise known for its beautiful beaches and surrounding corals and islands, or the islands of Guam or Saipan, or even Okinawa. It sure doesn't sound like any gimmick would be necessary to entice travelers there, but Rising Asia has come up with a package that is sure to get the water baby in you excited.

The "Mermaid Tour" service is exactly that — it's all about mermaids, and it's all about living out your fantasy. As seen in the photos below, the tour comes with a professional photo session, so that you can always look back and see yourself as a beautiful aquatic princess. The company provides the colorful mermaid costumes, any of which you are free to choose from. And if you ever find yourself on one of these magical tours, please do be careful. I know you'll look and feel like a mermaid, but swimming with these tight fins wrapped around your legs is not recommended. Not in the ocean, anyway.

 The mermaids of Cebu Island

Mermaids photobombed by a confused tourist

She has to be real. Right?

Lifeguard is getting nervous . . .


Uncontrollably Fond (Lightly, Ardently)

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