Remember this adorable bear that was in Substitute Princess? Lin Guan Jun (James Wen) gave it to Jin Da Hua (Nikki Hsieh) just before she left to try to help her family. Anyway, this little bear named A-Li has been causing quite a stir! A little webcomic has been developed for our little friend, and was posted on A-Li Bear's Official Facebook Page. Check out the comic and a translation below: A-LiGreyBear_taiwan_Substituteprincee Da Hua: Guan Jun, I want one~ Guan Jun: Da Hua, you just wait! A-Li Bears: Psh! Yeah right, you would be able to get us that easily! Haha! Hehe! Director: A-Li! Do as the script says! A-Li Bear: (CAUGHT!) Ouch... no... A-LiGreyBear_taiwan_dahua_guanjun Guan Jun: Da Hua! This bear will go with you to Australia. When you run into trouble he will help me protect you! Da Hua: Him? A-Li Bear: W-what's wrong... Da Hua: Yes! He's so cute! He will save me some expenses! Da Hua: Does he have a pouch? Does it contain a first aid kit? A-Li Bear: That's… an egg shell! I'm not Doraemon! A-LiGreyBear_taiwan_toy And just in case that wasn't enough of a cute overload, here are some more A-Li bear pictures! A-LiGreyBear_taiwan_travel  A-Li: We're going to travel! Yay! A-LiGreyBear_taiwan_baby A-LiGreyBear_taiwan_03 A-LiGreyBear_taiwan_02 A-LiGreyBear_taiwan_05 A-Li in Venice, Italy. A-LiGreyBear_taiwan_04 A-Li in Rome. A-LiGreyBear_taiwan_box A-Li: When it's cold I just want to stay in bed! A-LiGreyBear_taiwan_01 A-Li: Yes... This is so relaxing. A-LiGreyBear_taiwan_06 A-LiGreyBear_taiwan_lotto A-LiGreyBear_taiwan_08 A-Li: It's finally Chinese New Year's Vacation! Yes! A-LiGreyBear_taiwan_11 A-Li: If you're tired, remember to take a break! We love A-Li and are thinking about adding him to our office soon! What do you think about this grey little guy? He's also been in another Taiwanese series titled "Love, Now" with George Hu from our new series Summer Fever. (Source: