Every K-drama fan knows the feeling: You've invested 18+ hours into a drama, and it comes down to the final episode— the make it or break it moment. Some shows have amazingly satisfying endings that will have you thanking the K-drama gods, but others have terrible endings that will have you pulling your hair out.

SPOILER ALERT: Because we are talking about K-drama endings, there will be some spoilers below! While we will try not to go into too much detail, the way these dramas end will be discussed. If you haven't finished a particular drama, we recommend scrolling right on past it below!

Also, keep in mind these are just one drama lover's opinions! Everyone expects different things from their K-dramas, so just because I wasn't a fan of an ending doesn't mean that you won't like it! I'd still recommend giving every K-drama a fair shot!

1. Hyde, Jekyll, and I

In what was supposed to be Hyun Bin's amazing comeback drama after his military service, Hyde, Jekyll, and I was simply blah with a side of crazy. 

2. God's Gift - 14 Days

God's Gift - 14 Days had so much promise, but the ending was such a letdown. It was anti-climactic and definitely left me wanting more — in a bad way. This drama had some great last minute twists, but it was unable to follow through with them. 

3. Big

I'm probably one of Gong Yoo's biggest fans. That being said, not even Gong Yoo could save the train wreck that was Big. The whole drama was frustrating, but the final scene sealed the deal. I won't ruin anything, but I will say that this drama refuses to give viewers any semblance of satisfaction with its ending. It leaves so many things unresolved and never fully explains itself. Not good.

4. Gu Family Book

I liked Gu Family Book the entire way through up until the WTF ending. This was a good drama — good not great — and I expected it to wrap itself up neatly so I could move on to find a better drama. But no. It ruined itself by suddenly trying to be more emotional and meaningful than it was meant to be. I think a lot of it was the episode extension from the original 16 to 24. With those extra eight episodes, the writers tried to push the story to be more than it was, and in the process sacrificed the satisfying ending that I wanted it to have.

5. Doctor Stranger

While Doctor Stranger's final episode was not terrible, this show belongs on this list because the entire second half of the show was a complete mess. There was no clear, consistent plot for the majority of the show, and it was simply filled with ridiculous, unrealistic nonsense. 

6. Heartstrings

Heartstrings had so much promise to be a fantastic drama. Starring Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa, Heartstrings had a great story line that centered around two college music majors with very different styles. Unfortunately, this drama was slow moving and at times, boring. And the ending, sadly, was no different. If you're looking for a basic, simple drama to pass the time, this is a great one. But don't set your expectations too high.

7. Fashion King

Ahh Fashion King. What is there to say about you. Honestly, I was shocked by the ending, and not in a good way. My face looked exactly like Ga Young's above. It was over the top and unnecessary and left me with way more questions than answers. But also, the ending means that the series was finally over, which I could definitely be happy about! 

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Which K-drama do you think had the worst ending? What makes a K-drama ending awesome?

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