One of the wonderful qualities of Kdramas is the ability to watch them almost everywhere. Here's a list of the ten places I think are great spots to watch dramas.

1. Your room

It's your room! Your own little safe haven. This is probably one of the most peaceful places that you could watch a drama, so of course it made the list. Also, I wish my bedroom looked like that.

2. Your friend's room

What's more fun than forcing your friends to watch dramas? Honestly, I don't feel accomplished as a K-drama fan until I manage to make my friends confess that they enjoy watching dramas. Sometimes it's nice to just stop by, plop down, and make your friends join the Korean drama bandwagon. Look how much fun they're having!

3. A romantic setting with a date (oh la la)

Okay, I know what you all are thinking! "He's watched a K-drama on a date before?!" The answer is no...but hear me out! A Korean drama is the perfect way to show off some key personality traits during a date. As a guy, you can show your "sensitive side" and as a girl, you can impress your date by watching some cool action show. It would totally work...

4. A coffee shop

Coffee shops are a personal favorite place to watch dramas for me. With all the cafe scenes in dramas these days, it's as if you're really in the drama! Plus, watching your favorite drama with a steaming hot of coffee (especially in winter) is basically one of the best things life can offer.

5. An airport

Thank goodness for dramas. With all of the times my flights have been delayed, canceled, or mysteriously switched, I've definitely needed a way to pass the time. Before I came to know the world of dramas, I could only spend my time reading or talking on the phone. Let's be honest, neither of those passes the time quite as well as watching a show.

6. On a subway

I don't know about other countries, but the subways in Seoul are fully equipped with Wi-Fi. Oh yeah, you know what that means. During that long ride home after work, it's K-drama time. Not only can you watch your own K-drama, you can usually watch the drama that the person next to you is watching as well!

7. During class

Warning: DramaFever does not condone slacking in class. However, it's impossible to deny that there are just those moments in some of your classes that are completely pointless. I mean, if you have your laptop out already, you might as well watch, right? Caution: Watch at your own risk. We're not liable for any punishments bestowed upon you if caught.

8. In the kitchen, while cooking

This one is another that I've yet to experience first hand. However, while staying at my sister's house, I noticed that she's made an art of cooking and watching dramas at the same time. I'm not quite sure how she can chop vegetables and read subtitles at the same time...but she makes it work. Imagine the possibilities if you could achieve this level of drama-watching skill!

9. An awkward party

Ever been to one of those parties where no one is really feeling it? What better time to whip out your phone and check out the latest episode of your favorite drama! Or, if the party is really lame, it's the perfect time to usurp control and turn it into a Kdrama party. Spread the drama love!

10. The bathtub while taking a soothing bubble bath

This one is another one of the places that takes a bit of skill to pull off. Here, let me walk you through the steps. First, get the bath ready. Second, turn on the drama and place it on a ledge away from the bathtub. Third, get in the tub. There you go! Your very own spa day. Or you could just buy one of those tubs....

Luckily DramaFever offers apps on all your favorite apps and devices so you can watch anywhere, anytime, on anything!

Are there any places where you guys like to watch your dramas? Let's hear it!