Are you ready for KCON LA? Recently we asked organizers to list the top 10 absolute best things about attending KCON, and here's what they had to say. We think it's a pretty good list! What would you add to the list? What're you looking forward to most? Tell us in the comments! Now, here are the 10 best things about KCON!


At KCON there’s a lot of great opportunities to see some of your favorite idols! Whether it’s attending an artist fan engagement, getting to participate in hi-touch and high fiving an artist, or even just checking out the different booths, KCON allows you to see and interact with idols and actors in person during the convention AND on stage!


KCON is a place to celebrate the growing Hallyu wave, where you can mention words like bias, talk about couples you ship, and sing along to your favorite K-Pop songs without shame knowing that you’re amongst family - and we get you! It’s so refreshing to go to KCON and find people who also love watching K-Dramas, can’t get enough of survival programs, and fully embrace Korean culture.

So you too also uncontrollably shout FIREEE whenever you hear bultaoreune…? Let’s be besties!!


K-Pop reaction video makers, beauty gurus, and content kings/queens, KCON brings some of the hottest YouTube stars to come hang out at KCON and participate in panels or have their own booth! Hear about the inspiration and stories behind some of your favorite videos, ask the panelists questions, or play fun Korean variety games with them to make those KCON memories you won’t forget. 

It’s so cool to attend panels and get the inside scoop on what happens behind the scenes when cameras are off

It’s so cool to attend panels and get the inside scoop on what happens behind the scenes when cameras are off!


KCON gives you the hookup on K-Pop swag from CDs to posters and apparel! Stock up on items during the convention and get your lightsticks ready to cheer on performers during the concert!

Shopping cart not included


Two words: FOOD STREET. You can find the yummiest Korean food nomz at KCON! Try delicious traditional Korean street food, sweet desserts, and refreshing drinks throughout the day: it’s a food extravaganza! KCON has partnered with KTOWN Night Market for a free event where you can try all kinds of amazing food at KCON!


When the sun goes down and the stars have walked the red carpet it’s then time to M COUNTDOWN with a night full of amazing performances and collabs! Scream as you get to see the artists you’ve watched on the screen in front of your very own eyes performing the songs you love and bringing energy levels through the roof!


Korean variety shows always have such fun and creative games and competitions, so why not play them while you’re at KCON and win cool prizes? From aegyo contests to being able to watch live e-sports championships, KCON appeals to the gamer in all of us.

The DramaFever booth had fun games going on throughout the day with BIG PRIZES!


At KLUB KCON you get to dance the night away with a live DJ playing all the hottest K-Pop hits topped with special appearances by KCON performers the night before the concerts. THEN, during the day at the convention there’s even more opportunities to hit the dance floor and show off your moves!

Throwback to the dance that took the world by storm and made us all professional equestrians


Makeup workshop? Check. Beauty gurus? Check. Trendy clothing? They got it! You can leave KCON with a whole new style ensemble as there’s lots of different fashion and beauty booths as well as panels to help put your look all together and stay fashion-forward.


Struggling to find the words to say to your bias? KCON has got you covered with special booths and panels to help out with your Korean language learning! Practice your reading, writing, and pronunciation at KCON to be one step closer to becoming a master of Hangul!

Don’t give up! Your bias is counting on you!

KCON General Information:

  • KCON 2016 Los Angeles is on July 29-31 at the Los Angeles Convention Center with the concert taking place at the Staples Center. For additional information, please visit and download the Official KCON App available for iOS at and for Android at
  • KLUB KCON Los Angeles will be held at The Novo by Microsoft on July 29, 2016 from 5:30PM-10:00PM

All ticket information for #KCON16LA & KLUB KCON can be found at