Korean food is so universal, yet Korea has so many hidden gems just begging to be discovered. Here we have the top 10 desserts that only exist in Korea. There are traditional and contemporary Korean desserts as well as American desserts that have turned Korean. Scroll down to see how many you've had!

10. Bing Su

Shaved ice dessert bing-su (빙수) is Koreans' summer staple. Originally featured with sweetened red beans on top decades ago, now bing-su comes with coffee, matcha green tea, and all sorts of fruits on top (mangos, strawberries, blueberries). They even come inside a fruit like the melon bing-su below.

9. Princess Ice Cream Cakes

These gorgeous princesses in the form of ice cream cake are just incredible. What's harder to believe is that these doll cakes are produced by Baskin Robbins Korea. The princess figure (waist-up) is a toy that detaches, and the skirt comprises the edible part of the cake. The Elsa cake has Almond Bon Bon and Cherry Jubilee flavors inside of the baby blue icing. Interested for more? Watch this video of the Elsa cake!

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8. Banana Milk

Banana milk is the best thing ever. I love getting one from a convenience store. They give you this tiny straw that is so cute with the plump body of the container. Banana milk was first released in 1974 and is still around! Banana milk now has two other flavors, strawberry and melon, and it also comes in a light (less fat) version.

7. Rice Cakes

Rice cakes or tteok (떡) are the traditional Korean dessert. they come in many forms, textures, and garnishes. Song-peon, featured above, is a rice cake families make together on Korean Thanksgiving, which is this Sunday. Song-peon is glutinous rice powder, shaped and steamed. Song-peon is chewy in texture and has nuts, sweet red beans, or sugar inside. Browse for more Korean rice cakes here!

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6. Honey Toasted Bread

This thick slice of bread toasted with honey, butter, and sugar must be so bad for your health, but it is devilishly good. Kim Soo Hyun's Cafe Bene is popular for its honey breads. Learn how to make honey bread here!

5. Poop Bread

Named poop bread after its comical shape, ddong pang (똥빵) is a popular snack you can find in Insa-dong, Seoul. This poop bread has red bean paste and nuts inside, and it sells for 1,000 won (about 1 USD) apiece. Next time you're in Korea, be sure to pick up a poop bread at Ssam-ji-gil in Insa-dong, Seoul. Insa-dong also is known for the tea houses and shops that sell traditional Korean garments and cookware sets.  

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4. 50¢ McDonald's Soft Serve

What can 50 cents get you in the Untied States? Probably a 2-minute phone call if you're lucky to find a phone booth that works. In Korea, 500 won can get you a soft serve ice cream at McDonald's. For 700 won, they coat the ice cream with chocolate. For price and quality, McDonald's soft serve in Korea is a must try.

3. Eared Donuts

On my list of mysteries in addition to Baskin Robbins's Disney princess cakes are the Disney donuts at Dunkin Donuts Korea. This adorable collaboration between Disney and Dunkin Donuts Korea features the honey glazed Winnie the Pooh donut and the chocolate rainbow Mickey Mouse donut. These are definitely on my list to try next time I'm in Korea.

2. Bungeoppang

This goldfish-shaped bread called bungeoppang (붕어빵) is a ubiquitous street food. During the winter, you will find food trucks carrying a big bungeoppang cast-iron pan and plopping out one bungeoppang at a time. Crispy outside and filled with warm red bean paste inside, bungeoppang is everyone's favorite, including Ha Yeon Soo and Kim Woo Bin. Learn how to make bungeoppang here!

1. Oreo O's Cereal

Many Americans' childhood favorite Oreo O's cereal is no longer produced anywhere else but Korea. Oreo O's cereal was discontinued when Kraft Foods sold Post Cereals to Ralcorp. According to JTBC's news report, an American tourist in Korea said, "This cereal doesn't exist in the United States. A lot of friends asked me to get this for them when I go to Korea." A box of Oreo O's cereal sells for 600 won, which is less than 1 USD, in Korea. However, to get a box of Oreo O's cereal is about 15 USD when purchased online, according to JTBC.

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What do you think about the featured desserts? Anything you'd like to add? Tell us in the comments below!

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