There are some really strange K-pop music videos out there. Some of them are from the most popular K-pop groups. They range from the "what just happened??" to being artistic and introspective. The common denominator between all these videos is that they left me asking way more questions than I could answer. Are there any music videos you've seen that left you confused? 

The truth is even though a lot of these videos make no sense to me, I really do love watching them. Add to my list because I'm always on the lookout for even stranger, more absurd videos.

1. Hitchhikers - 11(Eleven)

This song is just weird on every level. I really don't understand this video or this song. I can't even see the so-called "artistic vision" in it. When I watch this video, I feel like I've somehow crossed over into an alternative reality, and it leaves me feeling......weird.  

2.UV ft JYP- Itaewon Freedom

This one I can at least give credit to for being hipsterish in the 80's/early 90's vibe. It's just very strange to see the whole 80's thing being combined with K-pop. It makes for both a hilarious and bizarre video. Still, this is one of the more fun videos on the list, and I give UV credit for going all out in this video.

3. Elizabeth- Ppappa Pierrot

The green slime bath in the beginning is gross, and also what is the purpose of it?  Much more disturbing are the backup dancers. Look at their makeup.... it is really, really creepy, and I keep looking at it to try figure it out. What is it? What are they? I have so many questions about this video, and there are no satisfying answers. 

4. EXID- Every Night

About 3:12 we start with the random spit takes, which go all over the guy. Is that the revenge? Does it symbolize an unhappy love? Are the gas masks a symbol of a toxic relationship? I think this is a good song, and actually overall a pretty video, but I'm really not into the spitting/throwing up all over the guy. It's just gross. 

5. T.O.P Doom Dada

This video is actually incredibly beautiful and amazing. I think as an artist T.O.P has done an outstanding job. But I have to admit at first glance this video is very, very strange. That big baby head is straight out of a nightmare for me. I do encourage you to look up how this video is an interpretation of his evolution as an artist. It'll make this very weird video worth a few extra watches. 

6. Yong Junhyung- Flower

Talking decapitated heads surrounded by flowers?  Why was Yong Junhyung in a box fallling from the sky? The cinematography is beautiful, but it's still a very strange video and one that I'm not really sure I can interpret without taking large leaps and bounds to come to some sort of sensible conclusion. 

  7. Younha- Run

Let me start off by saying I really, really love this song. The video is beautiful, BUT what's up with the giant whale? Can someone tell me why she is traveling on a giant whale? Yet again, I'm asking a lot of questions that don't seem to have any answers. 

8. Orange Caramel- Catallena

I love this video so much. The girls from Orange Caramel start off dressing as pieces of fish. Then they become sushi. I love the one girl having a foot bath in the soy sauce. Who thinks of these ideas? "Hey, I've got an idea..... let's dress up as pieces of sushi!" And yet, it's still one of the cutest videos ever. 

9. B1A4- What's Happening

I agree with the title of the song....what's happening? Those doll people are really, really creepy. I really do NOT like them. I will say at least the lyrics kind of match the video conceptually (which is a lot more than I can so for some of the videos on this list). It's also bright and colourful to watch. I could do the whole video without the doll masks please. 

10. NU'EST- Good Bye Bye

This video is pretty simple and visually appealing. But why does he eat the fish? Gross. And why does he throw up the flower? Is it symbolic of him shedding his old image? Sure it might be clever, but I still find it really, really weird, and I'm not entirely sure it works. Why do they rip down the wallpaper? Honestly, going through all my questions I have for this song would take a while, so let's just leave it at, I'm sure it's all deep and symbolic....right?

Let me know some of the weirdest videos you've ever seen. I'm sure there are some more gems out there!