Although most Running Man episodes feature huge struggles between the hosts or against guests, some really stand out because of the desperate fight that ensues. Below is a list of some of the most entertaining battles in Running Man.

1. Running Man Hunting

Choi Minsoo, known for his charismatic role in dramas such as Chuno, conducted a horrifying campaign against the cast of Running Man, eliminating them systematically according to their numberings from previous games. More surprisingly, this is one of the few episodes in which Kim Jongkook, or Sparta Kook, surrendered without a fight.

2. Grasshopper Hunting

Yoo Jaesuk, after betraying the Hunter, Choi Minsoo, by breaking his promise to form an alliance against Jongkook’s team, met the Hunter not once, but twice. This set the stage for Yooruce Willis VS. Choi Minsoo, who had angrily demanded with the PD of the show to conduct a “Grasshopper” Hunting campaign. The second campaign was conducted as Yoo Jaesuk told the camera, “This has been a draw so far.” Enraged, he returned for another round of Grasshopper Hunting.

3. Running Man VS. Law of the Jungle

During two of the most physically demanding shows, Running Man fought head to head with the team from the Law of the Jungle. However, HaHa betrayed the Running Man team by joining with the other team. A return to name tag ripping between the two extremely capable teams meant that it was a close fight.

4. Idol Championships 2

As the Running Man suffered a humiliating defeat in the first Idol Championships, in the Bell Race of the second Championships, Kim Jongkook and Jihyo helped to avenge the defeat by absolutely crushing the idol team survivors, Lee Joon and Sulli.

5. Jackie Chan Special

Let’s just admit it. How many of us had our eyes widen when we saw Jackie Chan walk through the door to greet the Running Man team?

6. Super Power Battle

A totally hilarious episode, the Super Power Battle reflects in part the ingenuity of the PDs of Running Man to continue to invent new episodes to keep the audience entertained. This episode created the running gag between Jaesuk and HaHa in which they now shout “The one who annoys me!” whenever another of their childish arguments happen.

7. Zombie Special

Who would have thought that the last standing Yooruce Willis would be fighting the Monday Couple zombies? And what is hilarious is how Jaesuk could detect Jihyo from her perfume.

8. Ah-In Goodbye!

When guest Yoo Ah-In went on the show, Jihyo’s legendary curse of “Ah-In Goodbye!” caused the actor to be catapulted into the water straight away every time Jihyo said that.

9. Its War! – Easy Brothers Version

On the recent special episode with idols from Girls Day etc. arriving, Kwangsoo and Ji Sukjin fought desperately to avoid last place. This has definitely been one of the most intense fights on Running Man between the weakest contestants.

What has been your favorite battles in Running Man?

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