K-drama viewers often appreciate the wonderful soundtracks to their favorite shows, especially when the talented actors lend their voices to them. What receives less appreciation, however, are the actors with beautiful speaking voices. There are some K-drama actors who could mesmerize an audience just by reading the telephone book. Here are ten of the sexiest speaking voices in K-dramas:

1. Lee Sun Gyun

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Fans don't call him "The Voice" for nothing! It's like velvet in my ears.

2. Lee Soo Hyuk

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How could she reject his side after hearing him speak?

3. Song Young Kyu

This is the voice that inspired this article. Watching him on You Are All Surrounded was a constant conflict. On the one hand, he was a bad guy. On the other hand, I kind of wanted him to stay free so that we could hear his voice for the whole show.

4. Han Jung Soo

He needs a leading K-drama role ASAP, if only so we can hear him whisper, "saranghae."

5. Sung Joon

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Remember that scene in Shut Up Flower Boy Band where he serenaded the girl from his balcony? Me too.

6. Choi Jin Hyuk

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7. Jang Geun Suk

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No matter what language he's speaking, Jang Geun Suk has a soothing timbre to his voice.

8. Cha Seung Won

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His voice his great, but his laugh (at 1:30 in the video) makes it even better.

9. T.O.P.

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T.O.P has a nice rasp to his voice that just pulls you in.

10. Uhm Jung Hwa

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Just to prove that sexy voices aren't exclusive to men, we have Uhm Jung Hwa, who has a nice, subtle huskiness in her voice.

Which K-drama voices make you swoon? Comment below!

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