The main couple in a K-drama play a big part in drawing us to the series. If the show is successful, it is often because of the chemistry between the two main characters and the growth they show towards their happily ever after. However, sometimes we come across a side romance that commands our attention and has us wanting more. Although they are not the main focus of the show, their love stories warm our hearts, make us giggle at their missteps, and often show a side of romance that is realistic but sweet. Here we salute these side romances that stole our hearts. 

1. Pinocchio: Yoon Yu Rae and Hwang Gyo Dong

When Yoon Yu Rae first started fixating on the idea that "Cap" could be interested in her, I was hopeful but doubted it would happen. Unfortunately, we only got a tiny taste of this sweet romance towards the end. When she looked at photos of herself at Ahn Chan Soo's house and saw Hwang Gyo Dong looking at her in every one of the photos, I felt myself getting giddy. When we are treated at the end to the knowledge that he was the one who took her up into the office and put her on the couch every time she got drunk, I was so happy. I want more of this couple — I think they could have a whole series to themselves. 

2. Tomorrow's Cantabile: Yoon Il Rak and Jung Shi Won

Yoon Il Rak and Jung Shi Won's romance added the comedic element that Tomorrow's Cantabile needed. Sometimes the funny, awkward romances in K-dramas are the most fun to watch develop. I love how awkward Yoon Il Rak was around Jung Shi Won. Even when they finally became a couple, he looked in shock that it had actually happened. It was sweet and romantic, and I could watch it all over again!

3. That Winter, The Wind Blows: Park Jin Sung and Hee Joo

Park Jin Sung was a constant at the side of Oh Soo.  Hee Joo was the sister of Oh Soo's fiancee who died. This serious drama had a theme that was dark and very sad at times, but Park Jin Sung and Hee Joo brought a happy and light side to the series. It was especially fun to watch them continuously pull Oh Soo out of some precarious situations, and through doing that they end up falling in love. Every one of their scenes was a ray of sunshine in a very dark and gloomy series. 

4. Wild Romance: Kim Tae Han and Kim Dong Ah

Here we have a classic case of opposites attracting. While the two characters often made us laugh out loud with the hilarious interactions between them and their constant misunderstanding of one another, their romance was subtle and moving to watch. They finally grow to have an understanding of each other and realize that their differences are what makes the relationship fun and exciting and helps them each to grow. 

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5.Emergency Couple: Sang Hyuk and Young Ae

While Oh Chang Min and Oh Jin Hee are trying to rip each others' throats out, Sang Hyuk and Young Ae were completely in love from the beginning of the series. The scenes between the two were often chock full of overly sweet sentiments. They took a hit in the middle of the series when their marriage was faced with some pretty difficult decisions with whether or not children were in their future. In the end, they found each other again, and although they weren't the super cutesy couple they were in the beginning, the love was still there and showed a realistic picture of romance.

6.Protect the Boss: Cha Mu Won and Seo Na Yoon

I love this couple so much. Seo Na Yoon rejects Cha Mu Won, which.....really? But she sees the folly in her ways and decides she does actually have feelings for him and tries to get him to like her again. When she realizes he has moved on to another girl, she does some things that are hilarious, like moving in with the girl and pouting every time Cha Mu Won is mentioned. Through all the ridiculous situations, they find each other and a like minded person with whom they can really connect, which makes it that much more sweet when they end up together. 

7. Angel Eyes: Teddy Seo and Ellie Par

Teddy Seo was completely head over heels in love with Ellie from the beginning. He was never able to tell her, but all those puppy dog eyes made it obvious to everyone else. The heartbreak he felt to realize she was in love with someone else was heart-wrenching to watch. But in the end, Teddy and Ellie end up together, making many fans of the show sigh in collective relief. 

8. Pinocchio: Ahn Chan Soo and Wife

I love Ahn Chan Soo and his family. From falling in love out of high school (she had a huge crush on him throughout school) to seeing them shift in change from arrogant and cruel high school kids to kindhearted, loyal people is a great transformation. Ahn Chan Soo is protective and proud of his family and will do anything in his power to make sure that they are taken care of and happy. Although we don't get to see a lot of this couple (and family), every time they are on screen together brought a happiness and optimism to the series. 

9. City Hall: Lee Jung Do and Min Joo Hwa

Lee Jung Do and Min Joo Hwa start off the show with a past that has a lot of sweet moments and happiness in it. Having been married for years, they've grow apart in ways they never had imagined they would. As she grows more conservative and corporate minded, he grows to be more idealistic — someone who is constantly trying to push his agenda on others. What makes this couple so engaging to watch is that both have their faults and neither is right or wrong, something that is true to most marriages. And despite their differences, in the end they stand up for each other and support each other. 

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Which side romance would you like to see more of?