When someone wants attention in a K-drama they usually get attention in the biggest way possible by going for the wrist grab. One of the first things I noticed as I started to watch K-dramas was the wrist grab, in fact so much so that I began to categorize them. After awhile every time a wrist grab would happen, which lets be honest is quite often, my husband (also a huge K-drama fan) would look at me and ask "how was that one?" It's a trope that is fascinating and so I have my list of favourites.

. Which wrist grabs really caught your attention and are they an action that you can get behind?

1. Heirs

The love triangle between Cha Eun Sang, Kim Tan and Choi Young Do was perfectly depicted in this wrist grab. Kim Tan grabs Cha Eun Sang's wrist trying to convince her to go his way (as it always seemed to be with him). Choi Young Do, despite the fact that he knows Cha Eun Sang has no romantic feelings for him, has appointed himself as her protector and when necessary protects her from Kim Tan's constant and forceful ways. Add to that the extra dimension of a lost great friendship between Kim Tan and Choi Young Do and all the bristly tension hiding behind that and it makes for a powerful scene. 

2. Pinocchio

I love Pinocchio. Have I mentioned that yet? This show has turned out to be fantastic! Here in a very emotional moment where Choi Dal Po and Choi In Ha are finally connecting he tells her not to throw her books out and not to give up on her dreams. He also comes to the realization that he is going to have to go on this journey with her. I would categorize this wrist grab as a loving, we're in this together one and a moment that solidifies the path they will soon be taking. 

3. My Love From Another Star

A very heated argument between Han Yoo Ra and and Cheon Song Yi gets physical. Just as Han Yoo Ra is about to slap Cheon Song Yi across the face Do Min Joon steps in and grabs Han Yoo Ra's wrist with a look that says "do not even think about it". Although this wrist grab is not between the man guy and girl it's ultraromantic just the same as he steps in to save her. 

4. Secret Garden

Here's a wrist grab of the 'I'm too good for you' variety. Gil Ra Im goes to visit Kim Joo Won at his work hoping to rekindle a romance, believing that he might actually have some feelings for her. He mocks her and himself for ever having given her a thought. His cruel words take a turn for the worse when he drags her downstairs to the department store and makes a big show of how ridiculous she is for thinking they could ever be something. Don't worry though, his heartless wrist grabs turn into loving touches later on in the show. 

5. Boys Over Flowers

This wrist grab I dub the "you got the wrong person" wrist grab. Goo Joon Pyo wanting to talk to Geum Jan Di and explain to her the situation he has found himself in instead turns around to see he has grabbed and dragged the wrong person along. Unfortunately, this wrist grab endears Ha Jae Kyung to him and starts her slide into love and then heartsickness. I feel for Ha Jae Kyung. Being pulled along by Lee Min Ho would do that to even the most hard-hearted of us. 

6. The Master’s Sun

I love this wrist grab. Talk about a dramatic moment. Tae Gong Sil is trying to convince Joo Joong Won that she is okay with his memory being gone and that living their lives seperately would have been fine. Through both of those tears he retaliates saying you should not be okay without me. Our love is such that if I'm not in your life you should feel like you're dying. And truthfully that is what she feels like. This wrist grab brings up all their hidden feelings, and it makes for the perfect dramatic K-drama moment. 

7. Dream High

This wrist grab is reminiscent of the Heirs double wrist grab. Jun Guk trying to get Go Hye Mi to follow his way, if not somewhat forcefully. Song Sam Dong is not having any of it, and asserts his own feelings and protectiveness of Go Hye Mi. It's the perfect example of two of the most common ways we see the wrist grab; as an assertive tactic and in the more palatable, protective way. 

8. City Hunter

This wrist grab is one I've seen in pretty much every K-drama and I have to admit is one of my favourites. It makes me giddy every time I see it. Here Lee Yoon Sung is showing Kim Na Na his feelings in a small and simple way by grabbing her wrist as she goes to leave. That feeling of his heart not quite being ready for her to leave is palpable to all. 

9. You’re Beautiful

 Sometimes a wrist grab can appear to be one thing but can actually be another. Despite the fact that Hwang Tae Kyung acts like a huge bully and appears to be one in this scene, his wrist grab is of the protective nature. Attempting to protect Gi Mi Nam's identity from the paparrazzi and therefore world at large he whisks her away before she can be discovered. Hwang Tae Kyung is showing us that his outside doesn't quite match up to the soft feelings he has inside. 

10. Tomorrow’s Cantabile

Here we have the classic fighting over a girl scene. Despite the fact that Seol Nae Il is never anything but compeltely and adorably in love with Cha Yoo Jin, Lee Yoon Hoo can't help but hope otherwise. It's as if he can't help but hope that Seol Nae Il will clue in to the fact that Cha Yoo Jin is not actually all that nice. What he doesn't realize is that Seol Nae Il already knows that but loves him anyway. The confusion that Lee Yoon Hoo is living in, is apparent in this wrist grab as he forcefully tries to pull her away from Cha Yoo Jin and as Cha Yoo Jin refuses to give in. 

11. Playful Kiss

Here is another example of someone showing their burgeoning feelings through small measures. Baek Seung Jo, much to Yoon Hae Ra's displeasure offers to help Oh Ha Ni practice tennis after he sees how hard she has been working at it. Underneath it all he respects and loves the loyalty and devotion Oh Ha Ni has for him and it is rewarded with his heart. Unfortunately for Oh Ha Ni, little wrist grabs like this are pretty much how he's going to express his love for her for the rest of their lives. 

Are you a fan of the wrist grab or is it one of those things you roll your eyes at each time you see it? Which wrist grab left your heart hammering after the moment ended?