A while ago I tried to introduce you to some Taiwanese actors who are sexy, talented, and worth your time. They don’t always get a lot of attention, and I felt they needed some. But no, you acted like I was asking you to cheat on your Taiwanese “husband”.

Well...maybe. This is why I have a harem, not a bias. *evil grins*

From your keyboards you shouted your favorites and shook your fist in the air, determined to prove your faithfulness. Well, I heard you. Here for your viewing pleasure at the actors you wanted to see in my previous list. These 13 studs have stood the test of time and proved that when they grab onto your heart, there just isn’t any room for a new beau.

In no particular order you asked for the following:

1. Jiro Wang

Whether he stole your heart as an adorable 20-something or he's slayed your ovaries with his hot bod in his 30s, this actor has proven over and over again that he can build memorable characters that women just can't forget. 

2. Joe Cheng

Joe has perfected the character who is reserved but loves deeply.  Between his playful smile and the hidden warmth in his eyes, no woman is safe from his charm. Both Jiro and Joe are starring in the Chinese drama Singles Villa, coming to Dramafever soon.

3. Aaron Yan

Beautiful seems like a cheap and tawdry word next to the visual that is Aaron. A skilled actor and singer, he refuses to let you go once he captures your heart. 

4.  George Hu

This American burst onto the Taiwanese drama scene and laid claim to our hearts before we knew we should resist. Whether he's playing the supportive best friend or the man who will never stop loving you, we know he's always going to be there.

5. Mike He

With that twinkle in his eye that lets you know that an adorable devil lies beneath, Mike has laid claim to his share of adoring fans.

6. Roy Chiu

This handsome stud is also a race car driver.  His quick wit and sexy smile have made more than one woman wish he could be all hers. 

7. Vanness Wu

There are just not enough adjectives to describe Vanness. (or his abs)  Between his voice and his acting talent, a woman is simply no match.

8. Chris Wu

Chris always reminds me of my best friend's brother who I've had a crush on forever.  He can be cold or sweet, happy or heart-broken, and I will always love him. I was really excited when Chris moved from my second lead syndrome list to finally getting the girls.

9. Vic Chou

He first stole our hearts as the quiet and reserved second lead role in Meteor Garden. (Taiwanese version of Boys over Flowers).  Since then his roles have been varied and complex.  When he moved to leading man roles, his charm could not be denied. He's won several awards for his craft over the years, and they are well earned. 

10. Chen Bo Lin

This sexy "boy next door"  is adorable and steals your heart with every scene. There is a rumor that he will costar with Ha Ji Won in a movie.  How would you feel about that? 

See Chen Bo Lin in In Time with You, which is being remade into a Korean drama with Ha Ji Won:

11. Jerry Yan

*sigh*  There are men who thrill you for a moment, and then there is Jerry. Jerry stole my own heart years ago, and he's never let go. Whether he's laughing, singing, or being all intense, I love him in every moment. Jerry has a great sense of humor and is the first one to laugh at his own "ego."

12. Jasper Liu

Jasper was introduced to many of us through his drama Love Myself or You. His sexy smile and sensitive portrayal of a man torn between the love of his life and the love of a brother set our hearts to flutter. He's been on the scene for awhile as a model turned actor, and no woman is safe from those dimples.

13. Godfrey Gao

I was amazed at the number of times his name was shouted from the rooftops.  This model-turned-actor  has captured many a heart, and his sexy charisma has proven his staying power.

There you go ladies, the men you shouted for as your one and only.  

I'll be over here with my harem, enjoying all their glory by myself. *wink*

So was your favorite in this list? Leave a comment below about our boys and also look forward to our list of Taiwanese actors on Instagram that will be coming soon.

Wendilynn is owner of the blog As the Kimchi Turns. She is on the Drama Clubs for Blood, Dear Mom and Kill Me, Heal Me. She also takes part in the Dramafever Video Drama Club.