Birth of a Beauty just ended, and the wonderful chemistry between Joo Sang Wook and Han Ye Seul was off the charts! The series was filled with funny, adorable interactions between the two that kept viewers coming back for more and helped them win a "Best Couple" award at the SBS Drama Awards. You can see their cute acceptance interview here. If you aren't quite ready to let go of the Han Tae Hee/Sa Keum Ran couple, let's take a look back at 14 of their cutest moments in the series.

Warning: mild spoilers

1. "Korea's genius and beauty"

Every time these two teamed up for revenge, it was absolutely hilarious.

2. You can take the body away from the ahjumma, but you can't take the ahjumma out of the body.

Han Tae Hee's "training" was fantastic, especially every time he was shocked by "Sara's" blunt ways.

3. Sexy yoga

Ha! This is what he gets for designing his dream woman.

4. "Third gender" seduction

I love the back-and-forth between these two, especially when each was trying to get the other to admit attraction.

5. Compliment party

"You're sexy!" "No, YOU'RE sexy!"

6. The nervous confession

This confession worked because it was so typically Han Tae Hee — just blurting it out at the last minute.

7. In love with Sa Geum Ran

Even though the hypnotism head device seemed like complete nonsense, I loved that it led to this scene, where Han Tae Hee learns that he loves Sa Keum Ran as her true self.

8. Happy birthday

Best. Present. Ever.

9. Couple time!

Of course their version of "acting like newlyweds" involves couple's pajamas and lollipops.

10. "Self-defense"

So THAT's what they're calling it these days....

11. "You know the word"

Sara's confession was so important because it allowed her to let go of some of her fears.

12. Ahjumma date

Oh, just stop it, you two. You're too precious!

13. Christmas wish

I love watching them putting their own twist on doing normal things together, like grocery shopping or decorating the tree.

14. White roses for respect

This couple really worked so well because from the beginning, they respected each other as people and worked as a team. This scene showed that the core of their relationship was still there.

So what was your favorite couple moment in Birth of a Beauty? I chose 14 of my favorites, but there were many more. Discuss them in the comments!

If you want to see this fabulous romance in action, you can marathon all of Birth of a Beauty now!