Heirs still ranks as one of the week's popular shows here on DramaFever, so we thought we'd revisit the most iconic scenes, some of which are handpicked by the actors themselves, Lee Min Ho, Kim Woo Bin, Park Shin Hye, and Krystal Jung. Take a look!

15. Yoo Rachel and Cha Eun Sang meet for the first time

Actress Kim Ji Won (Yoo Rachel) said in an interview her best scene was meeting Cha Eun Sang (actress Park Shin Hye) for the first time at the airport, where smart and determined Rachel talked at Cha Eun Sang in Japanese. (Episode 4)

14. Choi Young Do confesses to Cha Eun Sang

The first time Choi Young Do (actor Kim Woo Bin) verbalizes feelings for his first love Cha Eun Sang, he says, "I was lonely you left, happy you came back. Your secret is heavy; it's just the way is." (Episode 12)

13. Choi Young Do protects sleeping Park Shin Hye

"Why do you sleep at places like this? Making me want to protect you," Choi Young Do says. At this moment Choi Young Do realizes his love for her, and she's no longer just a tool to provoke Choi Young Do. (Episode 6)

12. Kim Tan’s absurd love confession

"Like me from this moment. Sincerely if possible. I truly started to like you," Kim Tan (actor Lee Min Ho) says to Cha Eun Sang. (Episode 8) He adds, "Am I a crazy person for wanting to hug you now?"

11. Choi Young Doo eats Cha Eun Sang's mother's food

"Thank you, it's really delicious." Kim Woo Bin's pick for his best scene was when infamous Choi Young Do quietly ate the food Cha Eun Sang's mother had prepared for him. The actor said, "This scene described Young Do's sorrow and wounds the best, though in a subtle way."

10. Cha Eun Sang draws a line and Choi Young Do threatens to cross it

Cha Eun Sang only sees Choi Young Do as a friend while he sees her as a woman. "Who says 'friends?' Why am I your friend? Don't draw a line. I might cross it," Choi Young Do clarifies to her. (Episode 15) Gosh, what a man.

9. Kim Tan pours out his heart to Cha Eun Sang

"Where are you, who are you with, when are you going, can you not go, please don't go, stay with me, I want to see you," Kim Tan says after Cha Eun Sang's simple question of why he wanted her to call. (Episode 8)

8. Choi Young Do plans to have Kim Tan and his mother meet

Actress Krystal Jung, who played Lee Bo Na, said she was most impressed when Choi Young Do, remembering his childhood, finds Kim Tan and brings him to Kim Tan's mother, who had left the house.

7. Kim Tan announces to dad he's a child of a concubine

"My heart raced when I held the script in my hand. I was engrossed in Kim Tan's emotions and what would happen to him," Lee Min Ho said on his best scene, where Kim Tan held his mother's hand and revealed in front of father and Yoo Rachel's family that he's a son of a concubine. The actor's other memorable scene was when Kim Tan and Choi Young Do fought on the street.

6. Cha Eun Sang rejects and leaves Kim Tan

"Don't talk to me. Don't come. Don't do it." Park Shin Hye picked Cha Eun Sang's best scene as when she rejected and left Kim Tan. "I cried as soon as I read the script for this scene for the first time. Even after I finished filming it, I was exhausted from the sad feelings the scene left me. I will never forget this scene," the actress said, adding her other best scene was when when Cha Eun Sang hugs and cries in front of her mother after coming back from the United States.

5. Kim Tan cries quietly, missing Cha Eun Sang

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When Kim Tan realizes his father's plan to send Cha Eun Sang to Buenos Aires, he cries quietly and portrays the muted sorrow. (Episode 16)

4. Rooftop kiss

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Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang's first kiss! Cha Eun Sang's phone rings and Kim Tan recklessly kisses her so she doesn't pick up. (Episode 9)

3. Choi Young Do apologizes to the student he bullied

"I came to say sorry," Choi Young Do says to the student on the final episode. He wasn't forgiven. Regardless, the scene represents Choi Young Do heightened maturity in the end.

2. Kiss in the air

Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye unanimously picked this as their favorite scene in an interview. Lee Min Ho said, "We like this scene more than actual kiss scenes." Park Shin Hye added, "Many people named it 'kiss in the air.'" (Episode 8)

1. Kim Tan's birthday wish

In the final episode, Kim Tan wishes to throw a party with close friends in 10 years. At the imagined party, Cha Eun Sang and Kim Tan kiss lovingly, promising their eternal love.

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