The 2014 award season was filled with talented stars in a wide range of outfits, some majestically beautiful while others broke more than a few fashion “don’ts”. We've already compiled a list of the 15 Best-dressed Korean stars, so it is only fitting to call out the worst-dressed stars as well.

While this list contains some very beautiful and talented actors and actresses, their outfit choices are hardly A-list. From unflattering dresses to eye-sore suits, these outfits are sure to make you cringe.

Scroll through to see some of the worst red carpet looks of the season!


1. Choi Jin Hyuk

Choi Jin Hyuk, I really do love you, but this white suit jacket/white bow tie combination does nothing for you. The whites clash, and the jacket is pretty shapeless. I know you can do so much better!

2. Daniel Choi

Speaking of ill-fitting jackets...Daniel Choi's suit jacket is very odd. It's not a good look for him, making him look much older than he his. 

3. Im Si Wan

Of the many blue suits of the night, Im Si Wan's was definitely the boldest and most unfortunate looking. The blue/velvet combination makes him look rather like a blueberry, and the pant legs are far too short. Anyone else wish he had come in one of his Jang Ge Rae suits? Hopefully next time he'll have a red carpet look that matches his fantastic talent!

4. Jung Il Woo

Jung Il Woo is such a handsome man, but he showed up to the MBC Drama Awards looking like he just rolled out of bed. And what is with those terrible white socks? It really does look like he pulled them from his dirty laundry and threw them on. Black socks would have been a far better choice.

Watch Park Min Young and Ji Chang Wook team up in the thrilling action romance Healer:

5. Kwak Dong Yeon

While overall it's not a terrible outfit, his patterned suit partnered with those terrible cuffs earns Kwak Dong Yeon a spot on this worst-dressed list.

6. Sung Dong Il

This is all sorts of wrong. It looks like Song Dong Il completely forgot he was going to the SBS Drama Awards! With his rumpled puffer coat and sock-less feet, he looks like he should be attending a sporting event or lounging at home. At least his buddy Kwang Soo looks super fine!

7. Ahn Jae Hyun

My eyes! Ahn Jae Hyun's psychedelic jacket makes my head spin — and not in a good way.


8. Son Dam Bi

Is it just me, or does it look like Son Dom Bi chose a shapeless burlap sack to wear to the KBS Awards? The giant bedazzled bow only makes it worse. 

9. Lee Yul Eum

Lee Yeul Eum is a promising and talented new actress, but this short black dress was not a good choice. Especially when paired with those black tights and chunky black shoes.

10. Han Sun Hwa

This white and black ensemble looks like Han Sun Hwa is wearing a fuzzy apron.

11. Kim Seul Gi

This white high-low dress was a bad choice for Kim Seul Gi. It's incredibly unflattering and masks her true beauty. Better luck next time!

12. Nam Sang Mi

While I love Nam Sang Mi's makeup and hair and think that she looks stunning from the shoulders up, I cannot get on board with this dress. The fabric, the applique flowers, the weird cut of the dress — I don't like anything about it. However, she was escorted by Lee Joon Ki, who looked stunning. I suppose with arm candy like that, it doesn't matter what you wear!

13. Kang So Ra

I'm a huge fan of Kang So Ra, but this dress is just bad. The hem is terrible, and I am not a fan of the on shoulder/off the shoulder cut of the dress. Even her awesome red heels cannot save this garden-themed mess. Too bad she couldn't have just worn her awesome $30 H&M dress from the MAMAs

14. Oh Hyun Kyung

While I don't mind Oh Hyun Kyung's black lace skirt, her ruffled white shirt is hideous. It looks like something only a drama's evil chaebol mother-in-law would wear!

15. Lee Yu Bi

Lee Yu Bi's hot pink dress was one of the only pops of color on an otherwise white dress-filled red carpet. It's too bad that the satin dress looks like a cheap prom dress. I am loving her hair though.

16. Noh Su Ram

Noh Su Ram definitely wins for one of the worst red carpet dresses of the year! There is nothing positive I can say about this mess of a dress. And to make matters worse, rumor has it that she wasn't even invited to the award show — she just showed up without an invitation. Tsk tsk, Noh Su Ram.

Which star do you think earns the title of worst-dressed for the 2014 award season? Be sure to comment down below! And don't forget to check out our list of the best-dressed celebs!

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