Every year, Men’s Health has a “Cool Guy Contest” in Korea, where hot guys strip down to their boxers, show off their chocolate abs and compete for the title of “Cool Guy.” I did not know about this contest, but I am very pleased to have been enlightened. It has to be the best contest ever created EVER.

This list contains the hottest 25 photos from the competition years 2011 and 2012. Believe me, it's like a chocolate abs factory explosion!

25. It's like the Earth split and from the rock he emerged o_0

24. Umm "Guess" what he has (har, har, har)

23. Imagine this as your surprise birthday party. Turn on the lights and BAM! All of that goin' on!

22. Notice the hair stylist is wearing the tightest pair of jeans ever. You would do the same. #DreamJob

21. SHUT UP! Just SHUT UP! This guy right here is my contest bias! If I keep looking at this photo I won't be able to continue (-_-) #ClaimedByKrisE

20. "Even though I'm holding this cartoon head I know you still want me"

19. Admit it, you can care less that his face is cut out of this photo.

18. He looks super nervous. I don't blame him, you're staring at his body like you're about to attack.

17. Those thighs ^_^

16. Fantasy Class Photo

15. "Oh, what did you say? My friends and I should take our jeans off too?"

14. " I need a new trainer. Is it you?"

13. Look at my bias again, standing there taking his freakin' shirt off with his legs spread showing off his thighs and then his friend next to him #VisualOverload

12. Normally speedos are a no go, but there are always exceptions.


10. I don't even know what to say. He's like a tropical vacation present.

9. O.M.G He looks like a sexy mutant with that defined backline and all those other muscles that I don't know the names of. o_0

8. #DontStopTheBacklinePhotos

7. Um I cannot judge you properly with all those clothes on. I thought you wanted to win this. -_-

6. He's boyfriend material or side piece material, I don't judge *shrug*

5. Imagine sitting in the audience connected to a portable oxygen tank watching all these dudes walk the runway in their underwear!

4. Best one night stand ever #CongratsOnYourMorningWalkOfNotBeingAshamed

3. I believe a drama should be made about this.

2. The guy in the middle is standing there like, "I'm the hottest one in this line up" and the one on the left of him is like "Ugh, you're right."

1. NO. We should be giving all of you thumbs up because you all worked so hard and practically destroyed lives. ^_^

On a personal note half of these guys need to be in a drama or MV. Who cares if they have no talent, just toss them in a scene somewhere -_-

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE