It's all about good genes, and a little more. The daughter of Ginsan of the famed Kinsan Ginsan twins just turned 100 years old, and she shares her secrets to a long, healthy life.

Kinsan and Ginsan were twin sisters who rose to fame in Japan for being 100 years old in the early 90s. They were full of life, laughing all the time on the many advertisements, commercials and TV shows they were on. They were always together, and being identical twins, looked exactly the same. Unfortunately, Kinsan passed away at the age of 107, while her sister lived a bit longer until 108 years old. They were a special set of twins. Kin means gold in Japanese, and gin means silver.

Ginsan's daughter, who was already past 80 while her mom and aunt became national icons, has just turned 100 herself, and she looks to be doing great. Like her mother, she has a big smile and she's full of life. Her three younger sisters are 96, 93 and 91, all healthy and in great spirits. So what is Toshiko's advice for all of us that want to live long, full lives? Here are her four most important rules.

1. Don't eat until you get stuffed. 80% full is best.

2. Enjoy good conversation.

3. Laugh A LOT!

4. Surround yourselves with ones you love.

And one more obvious rule: Have good genes.

Mom and auntie:

Sisters who are all over 90!