Ah the Love Token! From Pig Bunnies to umbrellas to necklaces (which are lost over and over again), our hearts melt when drama couples give those little gifts that mean so much. Sometimes, though, a drama couple finds themselves cooing, crying, and flashbacking to the weirdest stuff. Dare I say, the best stuff? I am not knocking anyone's love gift, but the odd stuff? Only a couple truly in love appreciates the odd stuff. Stuff like the following:

5. A Stuffed Chicken Leg from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho


This show is filled with so many random, weird, and wonderful things, like love antennas and Chicken Ahjummahs, that I already love it to pieces. When Lee Seung Gi gives Shin Min Ah a plush chicken leg, it was par for the course with this off-kilter romance. Maybe it could join forces with the stuffed radish in Rooftop Prince?

4. Buttons

Both Pinocchio and Operation Proposal had a thing with buttons. At least Park Shin Hye's button was on a necklace; Yoo Seung Ho was literally hurled back in time to scrounge the button from his school uniform for Park Eun Bin.

3. A Rock from The King's Face

It's a pretty rock, with a star scratched on it, turned into a necklace, but it is still a freaking ROCK.

When you’re in a love triangle with two versions of Hyun Bin, who do you choose? Find out in his comeback drama, Hyde, Jekyll, and I:

2. Red Yarn

Deployed in A Gentleman's Dignity when "her butt attacked him" and turned into an awesome new love token all its own, red yarn also made a second appearance in Bride of the Century under a beautiful moonlit mall atrium. 

1. The Potato from Greatest Love.


An escaped potato from a grocery bag symbolized the down-to-earth and unlikely love of Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin.

Honorable Mention: Basket of Butterflies (Yes, I'm obsessed with it!) fromGu Family Book. The live chicken from Penny Pinchers. What's your favorite love token, Drama Fans? Do you like the weird ones too? Let me know in the comments!