Its no secret that Kdramas are filled with all kinds of plot twists and turns. Amnesia, car accidents, sudden trips to study abroad--all of these are common occurrences in Kdrama-land. One of the plot twists that has us tearing out our hair more than any other is the last-minute introduction of what I like to call a Kdrama Love Troll. Love Trolls are those characters who suddenly appear out of nowhere, and their only job seems to be preventing the happy couple from being together for as many episodes as humanly possible.

While Love Trolls come in all shapes and sizes, many of them fall into five consistent categories:

1. The Long-Lost Relative

Episode 14 rolls around, and--SURPRISE! You suddenly discover that one of the leads has a father or a grandmother or an illegitimate child who somehow didn't exist until right now. What isn't entirely clear is why these relatives all seem to hate love. A perfect example would be Hye Mi's dad in Dream High. He abandons his kids for a bunch of episodes, and then he suddenly comes back into town as Dad of the Year who wants to drag her off and away from her friends. Go away, dad! Just let her give Sam Dong a proper kiss first!

2. The Fake-out Romance

Ugh. These are the WORST. Nothing gets me throwing things at the screen faster than someone trying to sneak in at the last minute to marry one of my leads. After all that poor couple has gone through to be in love, you can't cheat them of their hard work! Boys over Flowers had like 17 of these characters. There was the Harry Potter lookalike/model who wanted to date Jan Di and kill Jun Pyo. There was the awesome heiress-fiancee who was a nice person, but also got Jun Pyo dangerously close to the altar for all the wrong reasons. THEN, just when we thought we were free of fake romances, we got that girl who took advantage of Jun Pyo's amnesia! For shame! If I could have punched her through the computer, I would have--crutches or no crutches.

3. The BIGGER Bad

Sometimes you get halfway through a series thinking that you know who the horrible villain is and how they can be thwarted, and suddenly the writers are like, "JUST KIDDING! Turn all of that hatred towards this new villain instead!" It's enough to give you emotional whiplash, but even worse, it means that your favorite couple can't really rest easy until the new baddie gets his or her comeuppance. History of a Salaryman and Vampire Prosecutor 2 are good examples of shows that thwarted one villain only to introduce a new one.

4. The Opportunity Bringer

Kdrama leading ladies are always sobbing for hours straight, only to gleefully flee the country for a new job or a study abroad program the first chance they get. Sometimes they make this choice on their own, but sometimes a Love Troll shows up with an opportunity too good to miss. The Master's Sun is a recent example, where Lee Chun Hee's ghost-seeing mentor might just be one of the most likable Love Trolls around.

5. The Sudden Psycho

If the Opportunity Bringer is one of the more likable Love Trolls, the psycho is one of the most frustrating ones. How do these stalkers and kidnappers and revenge-driven murderers all come out of the woodwork at the worst possible moments? Think of Flower Boy Next Door. We finally get a love confession, and then that obsessed fangirl jumps in to interrupt our bliss! Save your crazy for people who aren't in love, will you?

Which Love Trolls drive you crazy? Are there any other kinds that we missed? Comment below!

Vivi is an unapologetic Korean drama addict and blogger. She blogs with her Kdrama best friend Coco at Kdrama Fighting! In her free time, she likes to bring her commentary to the DramaFever crowd.