As soon as news that Lee Min Ho and Suzy Bae had become Asia's hottest new couple broke, there was a collective surge of emotion gushing out from the Minoz fandom around the world. It's always hard when you realize that the person you are dating in your head is actually dating someone else in real life, and it can take time to come to terms with this. Here are the 5 stages of grief every fangirl underwent at the realization that Lee Min Ho is officially off the market.

1. Denial 

It can't possibly be true! It's all a big lie created by celebrity gossip magazines to get views! And these photos are clearly photoshopped. It's probably just Lee Min Ho's body double. And how can you even be sure that's Suzy? It could just be his manager, who happens to be really cold so she's wearing a scarf across her face...Oh, their agencies confirmed it officially? Well, it's probably all a big publicity stunt or something created to distract people from other news! Yeah, that's it. There's no way Lee Min Ho is taken.

2. Anger

I really hate Suzy! Who does she think she is? Didn't she get the memo that Lee Min Ho belongs to me, or at least collectively to Minoz everywhere? This is the worst couple ever! 

What can we even call them? All the ship names are already taken:

Plus, I put their faces in a baby maker, and the kid is only kind of cute:

3. Bargaining 

Come on Suzy, I'll trade you for anyone else other than Lee Min Ho (except Lee Jong Suk , Kim Woo Bin, or Ji Chang Wook. Oh and you can't have Lee Seung Gi because he is dating Yoona, but that still leaves plenty of other men to choose from!). If Lee Min Ho has to be dating someone, at least he should date Park Shin Hye or Park Min Young. I've already shipped them once in a drama, so it's not as hard to do it in real life.

4. Depression

My life is over. I will never find another bias again. I'm turning in my Minoz fan card. Miss A has been banned from my K-pop playlist. 

I'll never watch another Lee Min Ho drama again. I will never watch another drama again at all for fear that my heart will only be betrayed again. 

5. Acceptance 

Actually the more I think about it, I guess I'm happy for them. They are both so beautiful, humble, and talented and they deserve to find real happiness in life. Okay, Suzy I guess we can share. But just so you know, I have my eye on you! You better be good to my Lee Min Ho! 

Even though it can be hard to accept, congrats to the new couple! I hope they find lasting joy and happiness! 

What do you think of this new couple? Are you having a hard time letting Lee Min Ho go?