Little kids are always cute. The uber-popular variety show The Return of Superman is basically an ode to how fantastically adorable little kids are! And there are plenty of other dramas that feature young characters that bring a bit of youth and lightness to your favorite shows.

Below are 6 super adorable kids from some of your favorite dramas! Scroll through to see if your favorite made the list!

1. Hyung Kyu - Greatest Love

This kid from Greatest Love is hilarious! Hyung Kyu (played by Yang Han Yeol) is Goo Ae Jung’s nephew and is always getting into some sort of shenanigans. One of my favorite scenes is when he gets a hold of Ae Jung’s phone, calls Dokko Jin, and starts describing his cartoon stuffed animals for Dokko Jin to guess. Although Jin is annoyed, he can’t help but guess! Ding dong! Another great scene is when Hyung Kyu meets Dokko Jin and tells him that his mustache looks like a cow — or rather the Korean word for cow (소). Kids say the darnedest things!

2. Mi Joo - My Lovely Sam Soon

Mi Joo is an adorable little girl. She is Jin Heon’s niece and hasn’t spoken a word since the tragic death of her parents. It is ultimately because of her, or rather Jin Heon’s mother’s, insistence that Mi Joo needs a mother figure, that Jin Heon starts pretend dating Sam Soon. Although she doesn’t say much, her cute little face lights up the screen! Suh Ji Hee, the actress who played Mi Joo, really is adorable.

3. Lee Seung Mo and Lee Seung Joon (Neighbor Boys) - The Master’s Sun

These two cute boys, known mostly as "big brother" and "little brother" throughout the show, are the perfect little neighbor friends for Gong Shil in The Master's Sun. You know they are always right around the corner spying on everyone in the building because they are so curious about what is going on. They also do a great job of looking out for Gong Shil. They even catch Kang Woo suspiciously snooping around Gong Shil’s apartment once when she wasn’t there and give him the stink eye. However, like most little kids would be, they are bribed with ice cream to not say anything to Gong Shil and instead tell her that ajusshi is a nice guy and that she should date him. How cute!

4. Shinbi - Wonderful Life

Ask any long-time drama lover who their favorite k-drama kid, is and their answer will most likely be Shinbi from Wonderful Life. And with good reason! Shinbi, played by Jung Da Bin, is the quintessential adorable little girl.

5. Ye Eun - Oh! My Lady

Some of my favorite parts of Oh! My Lady are the interactions between Sung Min Woo (Choi Siwon) and his daughter Ye Eun, played by Kim Yu Bin. Ye Eun is an adorable little girl whose presence really helps to soften and develop Siwon’s character and ultimately bring him closer to Kae Hwa. Not to mention that Ye Eun has the cutest little cheeks. You can’t help but smile whenever she’s on the screen!

6. Pa Rang - Stars Falling From the Sky

All of the adopted siblings from Stars Falling From the Sky are adorable, but I was particularly taken with Pa Rang, the second youngest boy. Pa Rang, played by the adorably hilarious Chun Bo Geun, always has something funny to say and looks precious when he sleeps. 

Enjoy cute kids? Try out the fun variety show Return of Superman:

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