Interesting family dynamics, especially sibling relationships, are an important element to many K-dramas. The sisters or brothers of main characters can help to round their character out and make them more relatable, likable, or sympathetic. And while some K-drama characters are really lucky with their siblings, others are very unlucky and have a brother or sister who makes you cringe.

Below are 7 of the best and worst K-drama siblings!

The Best

1. Goo Jun Hee - Boys Over Flowers

Jun Pyo’s badass older sister Jun Hee is one of my favorite characters in Boys Over Flowers. She loves Jun Pyo but doesn’t fall for any of his crap. She is the only person who Jun Pyo really listens to and constantly tried to correct his bratty ways. Jun Hee also becomes like a loving sister to Jan Di, supporting her relationship with Jun Pyo and helping her to feel more comfortable. Kim Hyun Joo plays her perfectly too!

2. Go Eun Sae - Coffee Prince

While she is a bit annoying and childish, Go Eun Chan’s younger sister Eun Sae, played by the youthful Yoon Young Ah, is truly kind at heart. She cares deeply about Eun Chan and is always there for her to lean on when she’s down and encourages Eun Chan to not give up on Han Kyul. Their sisterly relationship is very honest and down to earth and kind of reminds me of my relationship with my sister!

3. Cheon Yoon Jae - My Love From Another Star

Another awesome sibling, Yoon Jae, played by the awesome Ahn Jae Hyun, always stands up for his sister Cheon Song Yi. Whether he is defending her to his friends or staying with her so she will feel safe, Toon Jae is always there for her. He’s also quite adorable!

4. Kang Ho Kyung - Fool’s Love

Kang Ho Kyung is the big sister everyone would love to have! Portrayed by Lee So Kyung, she is nice, supportive of her brother, and hilarious! She reminds me of so many sisters who look so perfect and beautiful outside, but once they get home, the makeup comes off, the pajamas go on, and they are just a regular human being. Ho Kyung is so down to earth and will do anything to encourage her brother to find love!

The Worst

5. Kim Won - Heirs

While not an objectively bad person, Kim Won, played by the extremely good looking Choi Jin Hyuk, is just not the type of older brother you really want to have. It’s impossible for Kim Tan to have a good relationship with him, which really affects Tan’s view of the world. Kim Won is really only interested in the company and not his family.

6. Kim Eun Sol and Kim Eun Chul - Sweden Laundry

These two we can just group into one annoying pair of siblings! Although they are their mother’s favorites, they are both incredibly entitled, self-absorbed, and contribute nothing to the household, while middle child Kim Bom works hard to make things work. Eun Sol is an aspiring actress who really isn’t very good, and Eun Chul spends all his time studying to be a lawyer — which would normally be a great thing except for his dismissive and demanding attitude toward his family. No wonder Kim Bom is constantly annoyed! These two siblings, played by Hwang Seung Eon and Oh Sang Jin, are ones I would definitely not want to have!

7. Lee Jae Kyung - My Love From Another Star

Jae Kyung, played by the sinister Shin Sung Rok, wins for possibly the worst sibling of all time! He is so evil! (Spoilers) Not only does he kill Han Yoo Ra, but he kills his own brother and tried to kill his other brother Hwi Kyung. No one wants a brother who tries to kill them. Jae Kyung is a bad guy all around and not someone you want to mess with. Unless you are Do Min Joon, of course.

See the best and worst K-drama sibling in the series My Love from Another Star:

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