We’ve probably all wondered at least once about running our very own business, with tons of loyal employees and followers like the huge CEOs we see so frequently from our favorite dramas. But we all know well that you could never be as successful as they were without your loyal assistant who is always there for you when you need him or her. Here is a list of some of the best assistants we’ve seen in dramas who we wouldn’t mind hiring to work for us.

1. Secretary Ko from Blade Man

This man...honestly, if I ever desired to become a major CEO of anything, this is probably the first guy on the list that I would hire. Guaranteed. I mean, he is probably a superhuman from a different planet! He is loyal, funny, reliable and can kick ass! And yet, he will still let you beat the crap out of him if you feel really stressed or wronged. As a bonus, he has a really cute smile, so when you’re feeling stressed or down, just have a good look at him and you will definitely feel energized again! *sigh*

2. Secretary Kim from The Master’s Sun

Our “Papa Bear” was possibly one of our most favorite characters from the drama, as he was not only a great helper in getting things done, but he was also that guardian angel type of figure who always looked out for Joong-Won. Along with that, he was also a part-time lawyer, personal psychologist, matchmaker, and chauffeur. Honestly, why would you not wanna hire this man?

3. Team Leader Choi from Birth of a Beauty

Our loyal Team Leader Choi was always the voice of reason during the entire drama. Never did he refuse Tae-Hee’s requests, and he was always super-efficient with his work. You can literally go on a 3-month holiday, leave everything to him, and return to your business/company problem free. This man is seriously skilled in any area of work! Plus, he was the Doctor/Ajumma OTP’s #1 fan ;) Wouldn’t you want your loyal follower to root for your future pairing? I know I wouldn’t mind hehehe

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4. Manager Du from Skip Beat

Can I just mention now that this man was perhaps my favorite character from the entire drama? Manager Du was always that guide who lit the way for our main lead, He Lian, reading our main lead’s thoughts back to front, and front to back. Not only that, he was also the perfect comic relief when times got too tough and was a perfect live-action reflection of the manager from the manga! To have an assistant as understanding (and cute!) as him would be perfect, don’t you think?

5. Eunuch Hyung-Sun from The Moon That Embraces the Sun

If we ever ended up having a situation where we were thrown back into the past (in particular the Joseon Era), then perhaps this is the person you should ask for help. He is not only the best comic relief during a time of seriousness and stressful situations (look at that mini snowman along with his expression haha!), but he was indeed loyal to the young Emperor and did not mind doing whatever the Emperor requested. Aside from his usual eunuch duties, he was also a father-figure, a guide, and also a best friend who you can bully without repercussions. Be aware though, he may get slightly annoying when he goes on a random tangent and just keeps talking, and talking, and talking...

6. Manager Kim from The Greatest Love

The amazing Dokko Jin, who was one of our favorite ‘idols' of 2010, probably couldn’t have been as great without his hardworking manager, Kim Jae-Suk. Manager Kim truly worries for Dokko Jin’s well being, as he would for your’s if he ever became your manager in real life. Plus, a bonus point for him is that he will do anything to try and get your crush/potential lover to hook up with you ;) Although, the way he approaches certain situations may not benefit you if misinterpreted by others...

7. Secretary Kim from Secret Garden

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Ah, and who could forget our adorable Secretary Kim, possibly the only secretary who I can ever remember that has the guts to whine in front of his boss when he feels that he has been wronged. Although he whines and sometimes doesn’t know when to keep his mouth closed, he is still a reliable person who does get the work done when his boss can’t, and he truly cares for him like a younger brother. 

So, who was your favorite assistant out of the 7 mentioned? Can you think of any other memorable assistants you would want to hire for your occupation of choice? Comment down below and let us share the awesomeness of these characters together!

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