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Noona romances, a relationship in which the man is younger than the woman, have risen in popularity in the K-drama world over the last five years. Some of the most popular and widely anticipated K-dramas this year included a noona romance. In Producer, Kim Soo Hyun's character tries to romance Gong Hyo Jin's character. More recently, The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days featured a noona romance between Ha Ji Won and INFINTE's L. Here are 8 of our favorite noona romances to show off all the fun that can be had by adding this twist to the K-drama romance:

1. Lee Ha NaSeo In Guk - High School King of Savvy

High School King of Savvy is one of our favorites as it showcased a particularly sweet and funny relationship between two quirky yet likable characters. Despite the rather large age difference, their personalities were well suited to each other. Lee Ha Na's character at first doesn't realize that Seo In Guk's character is ten years her junior, allowing her heart to open to the possibility of love between the two. When she realizes her mistake her heart has already made its decision. The series will be coming soon to DramaFever, so stay tuned!

2. Gong Hyo Jin/Kim Soo Hyun - Producer

Producer was a very interesting docu-drama which started out with the focus on the budding romance between IU and Kim Soo Hyun. Although there were many fans of this romance when the series moved forward and showed Kim Soo Hyun's character focusing more of his attention towards Gong Hyo Jin, the response was mixed. If you love a good noona romance, then you will be cheering for Gong Hyo Jin all the way. 

3. Jang Na Ra/Seo In Guk - I Remember You

Despite the show's rather low ratings, it was a hidden gem of a drama. Jang Na Ra plays an exceptionally strong and resilient character, which is rare for a female lead. This noona romance is high in heartbreaking drama and lots of tense moments that will have you dying to watch the next episode. 

4. Ha Ji WonINFINITE's LThe Time That I Loved You, 7000 days

In The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days we get to witness Ha Ji Won in a number of different relationships. One of the most fun to watch was her budding romance with an intern working under her, played by INFINITE's LL plays a character eight years her junior who is protective of her and shows off his very charming self to get noona to fall in love with him. If you want to giggle and smile at all the sweet romantic moments watch it now. 

5. Lee Jong SukLee Bo Young - I Hear Your Voice

If you are looking for the ultimate in noona romance, this is the show for you. This K-drama has it all — suspense, comedy, romance, legal proceedings — and yet the emotional journey of the lead characters is what stands out among it all. Lee Jong Suk convinces us well of his adoring and never ceasing one-sided love for most of the show. It's both heart breaking and wonderful to watch at the same time. Watching Lee Bo Young's character open her heart to someone who has loved her unfailingly for ten years is so much fun and worth everyone's time. 

6. Kim Soo HyunJeon Ji Hyun - My Love From Another Star

At times when a K-drama focuses a lot of attention on a noona romance that has a very wide age gap, it can feel a bit awkward, especially when the romance is first beginning. In the K-drama My Love From Another Star, not much attention is drawn to the age gap between Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun despite the fact that she is seven years older than he is. Perhaps it is because technically speaking, Kim Soo Hyun plays a 400-year-old alien who just happens to appear as someone in his 20s. Either way, the chemistry is fantastic between these two, making it one of the most popular series over the last five years. 

7. Kim So YeonSung Joon - I Need Romance 3

One of our favorite noona romance couples comes from the series I Need Romance 3Kim So Yeon has often been called the Queen of Noona Romances for often playing romantic leads alongside younger male leads. In this romance they address how awkward loving someone so much younger than you can be as she remembers that when they were younger she babysat him. It's a difficult situation to be in, having feelings for someone when you are painfully aware of their younger age. In the end, his undying devotion helps her see him as something more than the child she remembers him as. 

Which is your favourite noona romance? Which actors and actresses would you like to see in future K-dramas featuring a noona romance?

Watch Ha Ji Won and L in The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days: