For someone like me who loves the idea of soul mates but crushes on way too many K-drama actors, the influx of K-dramas about multiple personalities like the upcoming Hyde, Jekyll, and I has actually offered the perfect solution to my K-drama crush dilemma. I can create the perfect K-drama guy and just give him the personalities and styles of all my other faves. So here we go— my dream K-drama boyfriend and his various K-drama personalities all in one perfectly Hallyu package.

1. His first personality, and his body, are going to heal me (because he’s going to look like Healer, get it?)

Oh. My. God. I am crushing on Healer so bad. Ji Chang Wook's character is hot, charming, hot, funny, hot, and he pretty much plays a good guy the whole time — no snobby dude who learns to be sweet after 8 episodes; he is sweet pretty much right away. He's just lonely and unable to share his feelings because, hello, secret identity. And did I mention I think he is hot? Is there room in that blanket for me?

Watch Park Min Young and Ji Chang Wook team up in the thrilling action romance Healer:

2. Jung Yong Hwa's Kang Shin Woo from You're Beautiful will get's the girl (that's me)

The second personality should be the quintessential second male lead, sweet, shy, and always there when you need him. And in my multiple personality universe, this means the second male lead will get the girl at least 1/7th of the time. How will you tell this personality from the others? You'll know it's him because he'll be wearing this outfit and he won't be mean to you to show he cares. 

3. Lee Jong Suk’s Park Soo Ha in I Hear Your Voice

Okay, he's loyal, loving, and he can hear your thoughts. That is handy. But not all the time. Perfect choice for personality number three. He'll be useful for trips to the aquarium, rainstorms, and vengeful stalker situations, as well as when you want to know what that frenemy at work really thinks of your new haircut. And when you need some space in your own head, you just go find personality #4...

 4. Gong Yoo as Choi Han Kyul in Coffee Prince

Because besides being an adorable dude who runs a coffee shop (can you say free lattes?) you need at least one K-drama personality who actually knows that kissing is more than brushing lips. And as multiple episodes of Coffee Prince have taught us, Choi Han Kyul knows how to kiss.

5. I can make a bad boy good for a weekend: Kim Woo Bin's Choi Young Do in Heirs

Every K-drama crush needs at least one resident bad boy turned good. Someone who can ride a motorcycle, is tormented, wears plenty of tight leather, and would throw you in a pool to show he cares. But since nobody wants to spend their life in said pool, personality 5 is best to save for only special occasions.

6. The CEO with a cold, cold heart: So Ji Sub’s Joo Joong Won from Master's Sun

There are so many choices here for the CEO/chaebol whose frozen heart is melted through the power of love, but my personal favorite will always be So Ji Sub’s Joo Joong Won. Of all the CEOs in all the malls, he had to walk into mine. Or something like that.

7. Is there a Doctor in the house? Paging Lee Sang Yoon's Park Dong Joo from Angel Eyes

The pragmatist in me thinks it is smart to choose Lee Sang Yoon's Park Dong Joo in Angel Eyes as my final personality so that at least one personality will be able to perform emergency surgery if necessary (always handy) and provide us with economic stability, since those giant mega-malls just don't bring in the money they used to. Also, this at least makes up for some of the time I wasted slogging through all 20 episodes of Angel Eyes. Park Dong Joo's biggest drawback is he cries a lot, so when he turns on the waterworks, best to switch to my bonus personality below.


8. Sexy talker: Lee Sun Gyun's Choi Hyun Wook from Pasta

That voice. I could listen to it read the phone book and it would be amazing. And his character can cook. Someone please tell me he also secretly loves to give foot massages because that would be the best. news. ever.

So there you have it, my perfect Healer-esque best friend / bad boy / doctor CEO with a sexy voice who can cook Italian food while riding a motorcycle and singing CNBlue songs. Yup, pretty much Frankensteined that just right. But what about you — who would make up your perfect personalities?

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