Facial hair in K-dramas can sometimes seem as rare as watching a mermaid ride a unicorn. Fortunately for those scruff lovers out there, facial hair has been making an appearance in a few recent dramas, but, as we all know, not all facial hair is created equal. Let's take a look at K-drama facial hair in all of its various forms!

Type 1: The Melodrama Mustache

Examples: Kin Nam Gil, Shark; Song Seung Hun, When a Man Loves; Yoon Kye Sang, Beyond the Clouds

Because nothing feeds a fertile mustache like human tears.

Type 2: Thanks, Historical Accuracy!

Examples: The entire cast of Chuno; Yoo Ah In in Sungkyunkwan Scandal

Sometimes, you just have to thank the Joseon era for giving these men a reason to rock the rough look.

Type 3: No Thanks, Historical Accuracy!

Examples: Lee Dong Wook, Mandate of Heaven; Lee Min Ho, Faith

On the other hand, sometimes the historical accuracy makes us cringe just a little bit. We prefer these men in their generally smooth-faced glory!

Type 4: Grumpy Scruff

Examples: So Ji Sub, Cain and Abel; Lee Pil Mo, Emergency Couple; Lee Byung Hoon, Iris

Sometimes you just don't have time to shave in your hassle-filled life. Who's got that kind of time when you're saving lives or running for your life?

Type 5: Born for the Beard

Examples: Cha Seung Won, Athena, Goddess of War; Philip Lee, Secret Garden

For a few select K-drama men, the facial hair suits them so well that seeing them without it in the occasional drama makes us feel a little bit like they left the house naked or something.

Type 6: I Didn't Know He Could Grow a Beard!

Examples: Gong Yoo, One Fine Day; Hyun Bin, The Snow Queen

Yes, that is Gong Yoo as a shaggy surfer womanizer. Who knew?

Type 7: Let's Just Pray the Superglue Holds

Examples: Park Yoo Chun, Sungkyunkwan Scandal; Lee Joon Ki, Two Weeks

There is some facial hair that we just aren't believing, regardless of what you tell us. Who does Yoochun think he's fooling? At least in the case of Two Weeks, the facial hair was fake even in the context of the story.

So which kind of facial hair do you prefer in your dramas? Comment below! Don't see your favorite unshaven actor? Check out this list of Korean men in facial hair!

Vivi is an unapologetic Korean drama addict and blogger. She blogs with her K-drama best friend Coco at Kdrama Fighting! In her free time, she likes to bring her commentary to the DramaFever crowd.

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