One of the best things about being an anime fan is that the online community notices everything--and shares everything. As a result, every anime has at least one scene that became so famous, it creates its own emotion that spreads across discussion boards in the form of a meme. So, to make sure you also have plenty of images to post the next time you are in an online discussion, here are the 10 best anime memes on the Internet.

1) Notice Me Senpai!—Most shoujo series

Can there ever really be a conversation about anime that does not involve a sweet but somewhat overly eager fan? This meme, which is essentially the basic for about 90% of shoujo stories and several dramas in the Boys Over Flowers vein, is a simple demonstration of loving someone or something so much that all you want is a little attention. Whether tweeting this to you favorite star or posting it on forums any time an awesome character is discussed, this is the sincerest show of affection for oppa. It may seem a little creepy, but hey, so long as senpai notices, who cares?

2) Gary Motherf*cking Oak—Pokémon

Remember that pretentious snob who always picked the Pokémon that was the opposite of your first pick? That same guy who had adult cheerleaders and a sports car at the age of 10? That guy who always showed up when your Pokémon were low on health and beat you? That was Gary Oak, and if there is one thing he has convinced the Internet of, it’s that he is Gary Motherf*cking Oak, the baddest trainer of all time. He will battle you with an infinite supply of Hyper Potions. He will always beat the gym leader before you. He will always have more Pokémon. And, most of all, he will always be Gary Motherf*cking Oak. So the next time somebody asks you how you got a 100 on that ridiculously hard chemistry test, tell them, “because I am Gary Motherf*cking Oak.”

3) It’s Over 9000!!!!—Dragon Ball Z

While Dragon Ball Z could easily start its own list of individual memes, such as Yamcha dying, Krillin’s pathetic ineptitude, or Frieza’s final form, the best of the bunch would have to be from a relatively early episode. In episode 28, marking Goku’s arrival, our favorite saiyan starts charging up the strength he acquired from training sessions with King Kai, at which point Nappa asks Vegeta what his power level his, to which Vegeta replies, “it’s over 9000!” It became one the series’ most iconic and parodied quotes, still used to describe excess of something on the internet. For example, what is the number of weird couples that like to dress the same way? It’s over 9000!!!

4) Anime Couple—Various

The sweetest of the bunch, and a real-life inspiration at that. A young couple headed out to Shibuya Station to enjoy some record-breaking snow. During an interview, the guy said that he loved to walk the streets with his lover, and she was so embarrassed that she actually turned red and covered her face. That was enough of a cue for the Internet, and suddenly, pictures of the couple being recreated as anime stars started flooding in, with renditions including everything from Hunter x Hunter to Kaiji. A simple but loving couple became legends overnight, and fans got a whole new way to express which anime couples they love or want to see in the future.

5) Just as Planned—Death Note

We all love Death Note, but there’s no denying that it’s an incredibly melodramatic show. At one point in episode 24, protagonist Kira, going off on yet another one of his ego-stroking speeches, yells out, “Just as planned!” As always, fans noticed and this suddenly became synonymous with discrediting pretty much any good point that someone makes. So, for example, say you are in a heated argument about Slam Dunk being funnier than Gintama and someone makes a good point about how Gintama has the better running gags. The proper response at that point would be the picture above and the answer, “Just as planned!” The funny part is you never even planned it.

6) Let Me Tell You Why That’s Bullsh*t—A Certain Magical Index

True to its name, this image—inspired from the sci-fi-cum-magic anime A Certain Magical Index, is used to remind someone why what they are saying is absolutely, positively, intellectually, morally and basically wrong. So the next time somebody tells you that anime dubs are better than the original subs, just post this image. Because, as we all know, that’s bullsh*t.

7) “Y u No”—Gantz

Originally born from chapter 55 of the cult hit Gantz, this iconic image is the ultimate show of frustration over something so simplistic that it’s just amazing people don’t do it. Be it the annoying pirate king who refuses to become a pirate king or even the annoying friend who refuses to do their work even after you stay late to help them, this is the image to use when someone keeps on doing something really, really irritating.

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8) Screw the Rules, I Have Money—Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series

Amazingly, a meme that started not from the original show but from the now infamous Abridged series (a viral parody on Youtube), this phrase by the spoiled but lovely Seto Kaiba is about rejecting anything because you have something of greater value. Some fans still use money, but a lot of others will just write something like, “Screw your logic, I have love!” or “Screw this article, I have a new episode to watch!” It is amongst the easiest ways to reject just about any argument because you can almost have just about anything else in response.

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