Yesterday we talked about the 8 saddest scenes in a K-drama so to lighten up the mood I've brought you what I think are 8 hilarious moments from K-drama. Truth be told in every K-drama I've watched I've found myself laughing (even during some of the sadder the scene in Pinocchio with the pilons as rain covers.) 

These 8 moments still give me that warm fuzzy feeling when I think back on it:

1. Tomorrow's Cantabile- Fart Song 

Okay, maybe it's because I have a 5 year old at home but bathroom humour has become funny to me again. This scene from Tomorrow's Cantabile has so much going for it. Professor Do is trying so hard to connect to Seol Nae Il even though it makes him incredibly uncomfortable to be singing about .....flatulence. And there is just something about Professor Do, whenever I see him smile I giggle. There is something so goofy and surprising about his smile- it just makes me happy. Also, who composes such a beautiful song about something so.... interesting.

2. Flower Boy Ramen Shop- "cohabitation" scene 

This scene just makes me laugh. I love how the ladies are trying to figure out how each one of them fits into this "family". Just watch it, it's definitely worth it. The best part of course is when she runs and says "My life is ruined!"  

3. Secret Garden- Bedroom scene 

Kim Joo Won comes up with any and every excuse to spend some time with Gil Ra Im. He so desperately wants to get into her room his excuses keep getting more absurd like"Change the channel for me. It's boring". When Kim Joo Won comes in looking sheepish snuggling his pillow, I almost died. There is something so great about seeing someone who is so arrogant and self assured act childlike and silly. And then we get to see a minute or so of them snuggling. So of course that makes it one of my ultimate favourites!

4. Playful kiss- Oh Ha Ni spending the night scene

Obviously I think bedroom scenes are funny because this is the second one to be added to my list. Oh Ha Ni wants nothing more than to have Beak Seung Jo be madly in love with her. She is so excited that she is actually going to spend the night with him. But what actually happens just annoys him. I laughed out loud when she falls off the bed. To top it all of the next morning she is so well rested and says "Wasn't that a great sleep?", much to Baek Seung Jo's chagrin. 

5. Boys Over Flowers- Bathroom Scene

How embarrassing would this be? I feel so bad for Geum Jan Di in this scene but I also find it hilarious. Especially when Yoon Ji Hoo is like...."Are you going to spend the whole day in there hiding from me?" I'd be hiding too. Also what is with the outfit she is wearing?

6. My Love From Another Star - Cheon Song Yi's stages of grief

I loved this scene. Earlier in the episode Do Min Joon tells Cheon Song Yi that he is an alien. In this scene we watch her go through the 5 stages of grief as she reconciles herself to this fact and that her and Do Min Joon cannot be together. The part where she insists she is part of a reality TV Prank makes me laugh. Her acting is so good, even when the subject matter is pretty sad. 

7. Big- kiss scene

Gil Da Ran and Kang Gyung Joon kiss. My favourite part about the scene is how Gil Da Ran reacts to that kiss- by trying to beat him up. You have to feel bad for Kang Gyung Joon. He kisses a girl and she starts kicking him. 

8. You're Beautiful - Bi Bi Noodles Scene. 

I left the best for last. Nothing makes me laugh like 3 "super cool" guys acting goofy in a grocery store, showing off their old commercials for grocery store products. I watch this scene over and over again and laugh to myself. If you ever need a giggle during the day just think to yourself Bi Bi Noodles! 

What are some of your favourite LOL K-drama moments? 

We all have a different sense of humour so I'm really looking forward to hearing about and watching your favourite funny K-drama scenes.  Leave your comments below!