Every drama lover will admit that watching K-dramas is an emotional roller coaster. Every episode brings a new wave of feels and emotions. That's one of the reasons we love K-dramas so much! They make you feel for the characters. From happiness to frustration, from excitement to earth crushing sadness, K-dramas are master emotional manipulators.

Below are the 9 emotional stages to watching a K-drama that we all experience:

1. The initial feeling of hope mingled with the hesitation of starting a new drama


Alright, you’re ready to start a new drama. Maybe it’s a new release that just got posted to DramaFever, or maybe it’s an older classic drama you never watched but always wanted to. You’ve heard great things about it, but will it live up to the hype? Will it be as good as the last drama you watched? Will it quench your thirst for hot Korean men and dramatic plot twists? There is so much riding on that first episode...

2. Getting to know the characters and making plot and relationship predictions


But soon you are well on your way into the second stage! You begin to meet the characters and make judgments about them. Raise your hand if you like to play “spot the bitch” and pick out the troublesome second lead female character! This is also the time when relationships start to develop and you get sucked into the world forming around you. You latch on to a particular character and vow to root for them no matter what!

3. That "This is going great!" feeling when everything starts to come together

happy 2.gif

Your favorite couple is getting along great and everything is going splendidly! Maybe they just hugged or even kissed, and you know they are meant to be. You are now totally committed to the show and cannot stop watching. Cancel your plans for the weekend because you need to know what is going to happen!

4. That "Oh crap" moment when you just know that something is going to go wrong


Uh oh. Why is that dramatic music starting? Why do I feel like I’m going to cry? Why can’t you all just communicate and talk it out? Now is the time when any hope you had of going outside and enjoying the great outdoors is ruined. Something bad is going to happen...you just know it, and you cannot look away.

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5. Yep. Everything is destroyed and everyone is unhappy. Including you.

Sad 2.gif

Come on. This isn’t your first K-drama; you knew all that love and happiness wasn’t going to last! Or maybe this is your first K-drama, in which case I must say, “Welcome to Dramaland: Where nothing goes right and everything must go wrong in the most dramatic fashion!” Go ahead. Pause the show, run around the room, cry, yell, scream, call your best friend, get all of that bad emotional energy out!

6. Okay — there is light at the end of the tunnel! Everything is going to be fine!

Victoria Song f(x) Cute Excited GIF (3).gif

Just when you are about to give up on life, things start to turn around. Some miscommunications are resolved, the second lead female gives up on her fruitless quest for the male lead's affection, the mother finally begins to accept her son’s choices, the two leads have confessed their feelings to each other and shared a moonlit kiss...it’s all going to be okay! Stick with it and put away the tissues — you’re in the home stretch!

7. That last episode feeling when you don't want to watch because you don't want the show to be over, but you need to make sure your characters are happy

can't wait to see how this turns out.gif

Starting the last episode of a show is never easy. While you want to know what happens, you also don’t want it to be over. Maybe if you don’t watch it, the show will never end and will just keep going and going forever... But alas, you need to do it. You just press play and hope that everything will work out, your characters will end up together, and everyone (including you) will be happy.

8. Wait...it's over? Nooooo.


But then the episode ends. Maybe everything you wanted to happen does, but you can’t shake that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach that reminds you that you will never see your beloved drama characters again! Their story is over. Unlike most American television shows, which can go on for many seasons, all drama lovers need to come to terms with the fact that K-dramas usually only get one season before you have to move on. But that knowledge does not help the overwhelming sadness that comes with the end of a great drama.

9. Withdrawal

oh crap.gif

And if you don’t move on to another equally captivating drama soon, the feelings of withdrawal will begin to set in. Has it really been three whole days since you watched a drama episode? Don’t let those withdrawal symptoms (irritability, sadness, jumpiness) get too bad — head on over and sign up for DramaFever Premium so you can fuel your drama addiction and watch all your new favorite dramas commercial free!

What are some of the emotional stages of your drama watching? Are you experiencing any of these stages with a drama now? Let us know in the comments below!