First love is kind of a big deal in K-dramas. Whereas I can't even remember who my first "love" was (although I'm pretty sure he was in my kindergarten class and had a sweet bowl cut), the importance of first love permeates many K-drama plots. But how should we, as viewers, feel about first love? In order to navigate the world of K-dramas, let's look at some of the different kinds of first loves:

1. The evil first love

Examples: My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho, Arang and the Magistrate, and many, many more

These might just be the most common K-drama first loves, and they're easily the most frustrating. Proving that beauty on the outside isn't beauty on the inside, these selfish, conniving first loves are always scheming behind the scenes to hurt the leads. They constantly leave K-drama fans shouting "WHY DO YOU LOVE HER?!" at their computer screens. If you encounter an evil first love in real life, carry a recording device with you at all times. He or she is bound to say something incriminating at some point.

2. The placeholder

Examples: Goong, Full House

Not actively menacing like the evil first love, the placeholder is still an irritating distraction until the main leads can get together. They're always popping up at the worst possible times and ruining everything with their bras that double as shirts and their smooth poise.

3. The guilt trip

Examples: My Lovely Sam Soon, The Prime Minister and I

Without guilt trip first loves, how would the leads ever end up being noble idiots? Guilt trip first loves use things like cancer and kids to make everyone cry for at least a few episodes. By the way, as soon as Daniel Henney starts confessing his love for you, you're not getting any more pity from me!

4. Love turns to hate turns to love

Examples: Emergency Couple, Miss Korea

Sometimes first love turns really, really sour, but those bonds are just too strong to resist forever. Even though neither of these sample dramas has finished airing yet, I wouldn't be surprised if love wins out over the middle phase of anger.

5. "I'm baaaaaaaaack!"

Examples: I Need Romance 3, Bridal Mask

If there's one rule to Kdrama first love, it's that first loves are NEVER gone for good. Did you love someone as a child? No worries--you will DEFINITELY find him or her again!

6. First love times infinity

Examples: Rooftop Prince and My Love From Another Star

Following the rule from #5, if you love someone in this life and never get together, maybe your first love will pop up in another lifetime!

7. "Let's just be friends"

Examples: Protect the Boss, Personal Taste

Sometimes first loves make things messy for a little while, but they eventually discover that they can be friends with their rivals. This kind of first love makes for a pretty comfortable K-drama love square.

8. First love lasts forever

Examples: Answer Me 1997, Boys over Flowers

Once Jun Pyo chose his first love, nothing was going to get between him and his girl! Time jumps in the final episode tend to reassure viewers that even high school students can stick together for the long haul.

Who are your favorite K-drama first loves? Which ones make you scream in frustration? Comment below!

Vivi is an unapologetic Korean drama addict and blogger. She blogs with her K-drama best friend Coco at Kdrama Fighting! In her free time, she likes to bring her commentary to the DramaFever crowd.