Every K-drama show I watch has a few scenes where I find tears streaming down my face (even the really happy ones). Some of these scenes haunted me for days, sometimes even longer. In all of them the phenomenal acting, a well written back story, and a desire to see these characters happy led to these outstanding scenes. If this list gets you too sad, don't worry. Tomorrow we will be talking about 8 scenes that made us laugh. What scenes caused you heartache? Comment below.

1. Heirs- Choi Young Do eating with Cha Eun Sang's mom

This scene just about killed me. Choi Yong Do goes to find Cha Eun Sang and comes across her mother. Cha Eun Sang's mother invites him in and cooks him a meal, probably the first home-cooked meal he has had in a long time. The backstory of his mother abandoning him combined with Kim Woo Bin's phenomenal acting made me bawl my eyes out. There are very few words in this scene, but Choi Young Do displays all the conflicting emotions he has on his face, from being touched that someone would show him this kindness, to being incredibly sad to not have his own mother to do this for him, to realizing he hasn't shown many people this kind of kindness. This scene stuck with me for a long time after I watched it. 

2. Secret Garden- Kim Joo Won stuck in the elevator

When we realize why Kim Woo Jin is afraid of elevators because of a previous traumatic incident which lead to the death of someone trying to save him from being trapped, we realize just how scared and vulnerable he is in this situation. There is nothing like seeing a person who is usually arrogant and confident being reduced to a childlike and terrified state to make you feel sad and scared along with him. It's just downright heartbreaking because you realize how far they've had to fall to get there. 

3. Boys over Flowers - Geum Jan Di being bullied and yelling for them to give her more

Bullying is one of those things that is just incredibly hard to watch someone go through. Geum Jan Di managed to withstand most of it, shrugging it off with an annoyed huff. But this scene where the whole school surrounds her, taunts her, and throws things at her while laughing at her misfortune is especially horrible. Add to that Geum Jan Di's strength to yell "Give me more. Do more!" I can't help but feel she pulled on some extra strength to yell that out; it was either yell for more or break under the pressure. Any scene where Geum Jan Di is being treated poorly brings the waterworks for me. 

4. Tomorrow's Cantabile - Cha Yoo Jin being hypnotized and reliving the traumatic plane incident

Such an emotional scene. Again we have Cha Yoo Jin, who is usually so confident in himself, being vulnerable. We get to witness alongside him a traumatic event in which he couldn't help save a nice elderly gentleman from dying during a very turbulent plane ride. Seol Nae Il finds a way to cure him of his fear of going on a plane, knowing that it will help him in his life so that he can travel abroad to study music. Seol Nae Il's pain is palpable. She wants to and does the right thing for Cha Yoo Jin but realizes it is at the risk of losing her one true love from her life. 

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5. The Master's Sun - did he die?

Episode 12 of The Master's Sun just about killed me. I think I shouted at the TV, "did they really just do that? They can't kill off Joo Joong Won can they?" When he appears to Tae Gong Sil in the hospital hallway and you see that glimmer of hope in her eyes, only for it all to be taken away as he fades. So awful. 

6.My Love From Another Star - his last goodbye from the last episode

How sad is it when Do Min Joon knows he is about to disappear? Through choked back tears he promises he will find a way to return. He will do all he can to fight his fate, but if he can’t, he urges Cheo Song Yi to forget everything.  These two people have finally found each other and now have to part in a way that they may never find each other again. That goodbye scene was one of the saddest I've seen. You feel Cheo Song Yi's pain as she breaks down upon seeing that Do Min Joon has left without being able to say her own farewell.

7. Angel Eyes - iPod scene

My heart was so hurt when Park Dong Joo coldly told Yoon Soo Wan that he wanted her to forget their past together, that it meant nothing to him and should mean nothing to her. There was so much hope in her face when she realized Dylan Park was actually Park Dong Joo and yet confusion at why he hadn't said anything. It was a slap in the face for him to be so cold to her. The ending of episode 6 really puts our emotions on a roller coaster as she listens to the recording he left behind for her of all the birthdays he has missed. Add to that his admitting that he had lied and missed her. I felt the panic a long with her that she wasn't going to find him. The whistle in the airport had me sniffling for sure. 

8. Pinocchio- There have been so many sad scenes so far, but I'm picking this one

The scene where Choi Dal Po's mom can't bear the pain of having lost her husband and constant harassment and accusations by the news reporter. She takes her son to see the fireworks (which had been something that his father had promised before he went missing). She decides after everything to drown herself and take her son along with her. This scene was incredibly hard for me to watch. I think Pinocchio did an excellent job of taking on such dark and difficult scene and paying it justice. It felt authentic. 

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What are some K-drama scenes that have affected you the most?