In honor of the upcoming Infinite & Vixx concerts in the U.S. here's a comprehensive guide to getting ready for a K-pop concert in just 8 painful steps.

So your favorite band announces a world tour! That's great now...

1. Pray that they come to a place near you.

2. They're coming! Find out everything you can about concert.

Set list: check. Seating chart: check. Ticket price: check, check!

3. Freak out a bit over ticket prices.

4. Decide you're going anyway's K-pop.


5. Wait until tickets go on sale....

6. Scream at laptop when Ticketmaster or any other site doesn't work when tickets are on sale.

7. Then actually freak out because it won't let you buy tickets.

8. FINALLY!!!! You got the tickets! Now...... rejoice!!!

And now the countdown begins until that magical moment when you're breathing the same air as your bias.

These are the emotions I ran through while buying my concert tickets, how about you guys? Let us know in the comments or send me a tweet @_elenitenzin.

P.S. I'm heading to the Infinite concert in New York. Hopefully I will see some of you there!