Have you ever felt like your parents are the worst? Let us give you some encouragement that they are not! In these K-dramas, we have some parents who consistently put their own needs and desires above those of their children and who stop at nothing to hurt anyone that gets in their way to the point of putting other people's lives in danger. They have little compassion for anyone who lives outside their realm of rich and very privileged lives. They cause damage and destruction to all those around them. These are the parents we love to hate and make us grateful for the parents we do have! 

1 and 2. Heirs

Kim Tan's mom who is not his real mom, but the mom that the world knows him to have, is horrible. She cares only for appearances and to have control over her family, keeping Kim Tan's real mom hidden in a house, never able to leave, just so the world will never know that Kim Tan's father had a child with another woman. Convoluted enough for you? Add to that Kim Tan's dad, who not only lets all of the above happen but also cares more for his company than his son's happiness and actively encourages his two sons to be at war with each other. Ugh. These parents are the worst. At least Kim Tan has one positive influence in his life — his biological mother, who, despite her crazy, loves her son and wants what is best for him. 

3. Heirs

Part of what made Choi Young Do so lovable despite the horrible things he did to others was his relationship with his mom and dad. His mother abandons him, most likely because Choi Young Do's dad is just so horrible. You are sort of left hating the mom for leaving her child with this horrible man, but you feel that in all likelihood she didn't have any other choices. Choi Young Do's dad is the worst. He clearly has huge insecurities and feels the only way to deal with them is to show his physical prowress over his son by resorting to choking him in a fight. Not to mention the emotional torment his has to suffer. Choi Young Do had no positive influences in his life after his mother left, so it's easy to see how he ended up the way he did. It also makes it especially meaningful when he fights against his past and attempts to be a better person.

4. Boys Over Flowers

Okay, I understand on one small level how Goo Joon Pyo's mom is trying to protect her business and empire, but it's just the way she goes about it that is so horrific. Sure Goo Joon Pyo had a lonely childhood, but that wouldn't be enough to get the mom on the list. Once Geum Jan Di is known to be the girlfriend of Goo Joon Pyo, his mom stops at nothing to get Geum Jan Di out of his life. She destroys Jan Di's fathers business, leaving them destitute. She has the only building that Geum Jan Di can afford to live in knocked down. She threatens, bribes, and does every other intolerable thing to split them up. Despite all this, Geum Jan Di and Goo Joon Pyo prevail and there is a small glimmer of hope that Goo Joon Pyo's mom has had a change of heart. Am I the only one who saw that? It's probably just my eternally hopeful and optimistic side talking there!

5. Pinocchio


Ugh! Ugh, ugh, ugh! Words cannot describe how despicable of a person she is. She destroys a family without a thought, makes their lives so bad that a mother decides to commit suicide and take her son with her, and drives another boy to murder. Despite all that, she convinces herself that she didn't do anything wrong. I think Jin Kyung, who plays Song Cha Ok, is absolutely amazing at playing this role. She is clearly evil, but she also has a vulnerable side that she lets you see every once in a while. She admits that through all of her decisions she has made, leaving her daughter was a hard one. The sadness she lets us see when her media empire starts to crumble around her and she has to face some of the things she has done, you almost feel a little sorry for her. But then she goes and does something equally awful and you're back to where you started. 

6. Stairway to Heaven

Han Tae-hwa and Han Yu Ri's mother is absolutely the worst. When she first starts dating Han Jung Suh's father, she seems pretty normal. But it quickly becomes apparent that she is out to destroy everyone. She uses her own daughter to try and ruin Han Jung Suh's relationship with her childhood love Cha Song-ju. Not only that, but she physically abuses Han Jung Suh in some truly despicable and heart breaking ways. She even has her own son put in prison just to keep her plan moving forward. She is a horrible human with no redeeming qualities. 

7. Bride of the Century

Jang Yi Kyung's mom looks into the story of the Taeyang group and finds out about a supposed curse that means if her daughter marries Choi Kang Joo, she will die. On the one hand, her heart isn't completely black and broken as she wants to protect her daughter from that fate. But instead of just giving up, which would mean the likely failure of her construction company, she finds another girl who looks exactly like her daughter and gets her to pretend to be Jang Yi Kyung. She willingly put another girl/s life in danger, hoping that she will benefit from it financially! 

8. Bride of the Century

Choi Kang Joo's mother is not quite as despicable as Jang Yi Kyung’s mom, but she still makes some pretty poor decisions. Due to the fact that she has her own horrible mom to deal with and her husband who clearly doesn't love her and misses his first wife, I'm not surprised she is a bitter and sad person. But still she plays with people's lives just so her own mom's secret won't be revealed to the world, and in the end she is just as bad as so many other rich K-drama moms who feel that the son should not marry a poor girl. Clearly poor people are beneath them. 

9. High School – Love On

I'll admit that she does try to make up for some of her mistakes towards the end of the show, but the fact is she still made some horrible decisions. There was no reason she couldn't have taken care of her son when her mother-in-law came begging for her help. She does it in the name of being a good step mother, but truthfully she's not so great at that either. Besides which, is there really only enough love in her heart for one son? So what if her stepson wouldn't have liked it; he'd have to change and be a better person. She leaves her son alone, and actually requests that he not be taken care of because it's better for her step son? She has some seriously bad instincts, and her communication skills are sincerely lacking. At least she begins to see this at the end of the show, but the hatred in our hearts has grown pretty strong by then. I'm not sure she was able to redeem herself. 

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Which K-drama parents left you screaming at the screen?