I can’t be the only one who is in awe of the intricate and beautiful hairstyles featured in Korean and Chinese historical dramas. These dramas perfectly capture the elegance and epic-ness of period hairstyles and headdresses.

I can barely braid my hair, so even imagining the time and talent that went into creating amazing hairstyles like the ones below blows my mind. Yes, most of them are wigs, but they are nevertheless breathtaking works of art!

Below are 9 epic historical drama hairstyles that are sure to impress!

1. Queen Seon Duk

The crown featured in Queen Seon Duk is awesome. It’s so tall and sparkly, and Lee Yo Won, who plays Queen Seon Duk, looks so regal in it. I also love the big poofy hairstyle on Go Hyun Jung, who plays Lady Mischil. The little silver crown and purple flowers look so nice with her blue dress!

2. The Princess’s Man

The hairstyles featured in The Princess’s Man are very subtly elegant and reflect perfectly on the time period. I’m also a huge fan of the Samo hats (the black hats with ear-like things sticking out), which were traditional headgear of government officials from the Goryeo period until the Joseon period.

3. The Night Watchman’s Journal

While definitely not as ornate or magnificent as the other hairstyles featured on this list, Do Ha’s bun/pigtail look is a winning combination in my book. Played by Go Sung Hee, Do Ha looks perfectly fierce and cute at the same time, and the look really fits her character.

4. Perfect Couple

Gold headdresses, fancy man buns...it doesn't get much better than the awesome looks in this 2014 Chinese period drama! I think it's an engineering feat that Yu Qi Ling's (Tiffany Tang) intricate hairstyle remains completely intact even as she is pushed around and forced to her knees. That is impressive.

5. Shine or Go Crazy

I am such a fan of Lee Ha Nui's (aka Honey Lee) hair in Shine or Go Crazy! I love her braids with the gold embellishments as well as the long sleek look that she rocked as well. She looks absolutely beautiful! (You can check out Honey Lee's most recent movie, Tazza 2, right here on DramaFever too!)

 6. The Iron Empress

Some of the less-ornate updos, Empress Cheonchu's hair is still pretty cool! I love the black detail. Although the color mostly blends in with her hair, the decoration adds beautiful texture and interest!

7. Shin Don

Kim Hye Ri, who plays the Qi Empress in the 2005 drama Shin Don, definitely wins the award for most unique headdresses (and best eyeshadow). It's an interesting look that I don't think many could pull off, but Kim Hye Ri's intimidating look pairs perfectly with her looping headdresses!

8. Prince of Lan Ling

Ariel Lin is stunning in the role of Yang Xue Wu, and she has a beautiful gold headdress to match! But hers isn't the only awesome head piece. Daniel Chan's tall hat with beaded tassels is pretty sweet.

9. Hwang Jin Yi

Probably one of my favorite historical drama hairstyles of this whole list, Hwang Jin Yi (Ha Ji Won) rocks some huge, epic hair. In fact all the female characters have amazing hair. Am I the only one who thinks that hair looks incredibly heavy? Anyways, I would totally love to have hair like that for a day!

What is your favorite epic historical drama hairstyle?

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